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Thread: Names???

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    Hey Everyone!!!

    I am trying to choose a boy's name. I want to name one of my kids after my dad, who passed away when I was 18 months old. His name was Gary Wayne. What is a good way to incorporate his name into my child's name? The whole doesn't have to be in there, but I would like some part in there somewhere. I have twin girls named AnaLee Grayce and EmmaKrys Kathleen. Anna and Lee are family names. My mom's name is Kathy (Kathleen) and my sister's names are Krystal and Emily (EmmaKrys). Any help would be great. Thanks!

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    This is a tough one. How about a bit of a scramble.. instead of Gary how about Gray? And instead of Wayne what about Wyatt?

    Wyatt Gray to honor Gary Wayne? I think it works!

    Also Gary means spear-maker and Garrett means spear-strength. I think Garrett Wayne (I like this spelling but there are others) would work.

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    I like the suggestion of Garrett Wayne!

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    I agree that Garrett Wayne sounds like a great way to honor your Dad.

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    I agree with previous posters, but I prefer Gareth to Garrett. I also like Wyatt Gray as a more creative, more subtle way to honor him. If you are not sold on any of these names, I think using the same initials can work too.

    Wade is another alternative to Wayne. And Grayson for Gary.
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