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    Help us find a vintage middle name for Phoebe!


    We found out not too long ago we are expecting our 3rd little peanut in October. My husband says this is the last {we will see about that} SO we want this time to be extra special...not that our first two weren't! We don't want to find out the gender. We have our boy name picked, Harrison Finn. We are however struggling to find a middle name for Phoebe. I wanted to so badly name our "girl" Hattie Charlotte, but my husband loves Phoebe so much to the point I feel we HAVE to use it. Does Phoebe Hattie flow? Our other picks are Phoebe Elizabeth, Phoebe Kate and Phoebe Stella. Which do you think works best? If it's any help our children's names are Noah and Eloise.
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    Rose Celia Elise ?
    Benoit Leo

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    I do love Phoebe Elizabeth as well I just think I needed to be reassured it sounded well! Do you all think Phoebe Elizabeth or Phoebe Charlotte sounds better? Thank you for all of your suggestions

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    Phoebe Estelle is a beautiful name!

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