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    Naming a counterpart to Miriam

    Thank you for all the excellent help naming Miriam! I didn't expect that thread to get so big, but it was an enormous help! Now I have one other request, to name her male counterpart.

    Genre of Story: Drama

    Time Period/Location: Modern day America

    Brief Plot: Woman, Miriam- raised in a Christian cult emphasizing patriarchy, homeschooling, isolation, and childbearing- marries a young man with a similar background and the two of them begin their own families and become exposed to new ideas, leading to a radicalization of their worldview and lifestyle, recognizing the true damage of their religious upbringings.

    Character Description: Young man around 19/20, raised under the teachings of a conservative Christian cult. Experiences emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse. A carpenter by trade and student as a Christian college, interested in science and philosophy. Kind-hearted and empathetic, struggles with the concept of being "King" of the household. He is insecure and damaged from a childhood of abuse.

    Immediate Family: Mother named Dawn, lots of siblings.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Anything starting with an M or a J (M is a scheme in Miriam's family, and I'm avoiding having lots of J names because it's too Duggar), preferably Biblical name, nickname potential is a plus.

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