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    Naming a counterpart to Miriam

    Thank you for all the excellent help naming Miriam! I didn't expect that thread to get so big, but it was an enormous help! Now I have one other request, to name her male counterpart.

    Genre of Story: Drama

    Time Period/Location: Modern day America

    Brief Plot: Woman, Miriam- raised in a Christian cult emphasizing patriarchy, homeschooling, isolation, and childbearing- marries a young man with a similar background and the two of them begin their own families and become exposed to new ideas, leading to a radicalization of their worldview and lifestyle, recognizing the true damage of their religious upbringings.

    Character Description: Young man around 19/20, raised under the teachings of a conservative Christian cult. Experiences emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse. A carpenter by trade and student as a Christian college, interested in science and philosophy. Kind-hearted and empathetic, struggles with the concept of being "King" of the household. He is insecure and damaged from a childhood of abuse.

    Immediate Family: Mother named Dawn, lots of siblings.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Anything starting with an M or a J (M is a scheme in Miriam's family, and I'm avoiding having lots of J names because it's too Duggar), preferably Biblical name, nickname potential is a plus.

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    This sounds like a great story! I'm fascinated by leaving-a-cult stories, and he sounds like a wonderful character. Good luck naming and writing!
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    Adriel or Amos or Abijah; Eben; Gideon; Isaiah or Ira; Lemuel; Noam or Nehemiah; Obadiah; Phinehas; Reuel or Reuben; Simeon.

    A good source for Biblical names is Ben Ames Williams's novel Come Spring, which is about the settlement of Union, Maine, and uses actual real names from the census of the 1780s in which it is set. One of the most common male names was Abijah, which is now trending in Israel as Aviya, for girls and boys.

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