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    So I saw someone on here named their daughter Enid and I have since fell in love with the name. I am just not sure how people would perceive this name and if they would have a hard time with pronunciation. Also possible MN suggestions. Thanks as always!
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    Enid is beautiful. I think a few people might say it Wrong the first time they see it, but most puerile listen to pronunciation corrections. I say go for it!

    Middle name suggestions:

    Enid Iris
    Enid Blythe
    Enid Lorelei
    Enid Mireille
    Enid Pearl
    Enid Lenora
    Enid Willa
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    I love Enid, it's a favorite of mine. Pronunciation seems pretty easy to me.

    Middle name ideas:

    Enid Miette
    Enid Fleur
    Enid Celeste
    Enid Fern
    Enid Ruby
    Enid Marianne
    Enid Anne
    Enid Cecily

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    I don't see any pronunciation issues in the USA, though I'm not sure where you are….. it seems pretty straightforward. It's not my style personally but it has lovely meaning and history. I'd like something a little more decorative in the middle.

    Enid Adeline
    Enid Brielle
    Enid Josephine
    Enid Francesca
    Enid Marietta
    Enid Mariel
    Enid Isobel
    Enid Lucille
    Enid Madeleine
    Enid Marguerite
    Enid Evangeline
    Enid Bethia

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