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    For those who love their own name...

    I am curious to hear from people who love their own name.

    What was it like growing up with the name?

    What was/is it like as a teenager?

    What was/is it like in the professional world?

    And anything else you just want to add
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    My name is Shilo and I love my name.

    Growing up with the name, almost everyone new I met made a comment about it. Usually that it was pretty, beautiful, different, etc. I liked that my name was not the usual Jessica, Katie, or Brittany like every other girl my age. I would be lying if I said I wasn't teased sometimes about my name or had negative comments but that was rare. I did get alot of "Like the dog?" remarks since Shiloh became more known through the movies that came out 9 months after I was born. Just a coincidence. I imagine these days it'd be more associated with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter.

    As a teenager, I loved it. It still stood out and I can't think of many negative comments I got as a teenager.

    As an adult, it has not hindered me at all IMO. I still get positive comments on it all the time.

    I know Shiloh is the usual spelling with Shilo being an alternate spelling but I actually love it without the h. It looks more balanced to me for some reason. Alot of people consider it to be a boy's name (it is unisex) but I have never gotten a single comment about it being a boy's name. I have met 1 other Shilo and 1 Shiloh in my life and both were girls.

    The only negative thing I can say is that my surname starts with Sch which sounds just like how Shilo starts. That's a bit annoying but won't matter much when I get married soon. I also instinctively spell out my first and last name when I'm on the phone or at a doctor's office, etc. because most people have no idea how to spell my first or last name.
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    I love my name,

    Leslie, because it is Scottish like me. Because I love the z sound. Because it is cool and crisp, rather than princessy and girly.

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    My name is Eisele and I absolutely love my name. Growing I was obviously the only one with my name which I loved. There always seemed to be one name that there were four of in one class. Many people have a problem with pronunciation since on the weird spelling of Eisley, but I love how different it is. As a teenager everyone always told me that they wished that they had an unique name like mine. As for work it causes a couple of work problems with people but I have only heard positive things.

    Now with Hillary Scott naming her daughter Eisele, I can see the name catching on but I might be one of the only adults with the name Eisele. So, there is still a little uniqueness to it as an adult!
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    Quote Originally Posted by coco1010 View Post
    I am curious to hear from people who love their own name.

    What was it like growing up with the name?

    What was/is it like as a teenager?

    What was/is it like in the professional world?

    And anything else you just want to add
    I love my name. My name is Victoria.

    1) Growing up being called Victoria is relatively easy (which is great) I started education at 5yrs from the age of 5-11 I was referred to within school as just Victoria. Other kids my age sometimes struggled pronouncing Victoria due to the the many vowels in fact cousins and my sister referred to me as Toya. This stopped when my sister turned seven still younger cousins call me Toya.

    2) As a teenager I went to a failing comprehensive and was referred to as Vicky (a nickname a hate) there were many Vicky's all with a range of wacky spellings within the school and I missed being referred to as Victoria. Yet didn't front it out by being determined to be Victoria as I would have been deemed odd. I loved my schooling between 12-16 but it was the type of school where you didn't want to stand out for the wrong reasons. In college between sixteen and half too eighteen and half I was Victoria and loved it. Gives you an intelligent edge haha.

    3) I work in property and now use the nickname Tori (suggested via my boss as she is Victoria and believes it would be confusing having two in the office) and I do not mind the Tori nickname. Actually I kind of like it. Despite this I'm Victoria at home.

    I love my name it's a classic, has a great meaning, is international and has a range of nicknames. The only flaw is that it's popular among people over 15 it seems. Saying this I have never met a Victoria under 15.

    : )

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