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    name the babies G1-R1 (bailibsmum)

    The Fletcher's (family #1)

    Benita Jocelyn Dubois met her husband Stephen Michael Fletcher in primary school. with living in the same street growing up they were always part of each others lives, same high school and college! They married last year, Stephen is a lawyer he owns his own firm with his partner and very own best friend Joseph Allen Stokes named Fletcher-Stokes. They are expecting their first child they recently found out it's a boy they are wanting a nice upbeat/trendy name.. The baby's middle name should begin with an 'M' as stephen's does.


    The Manning's (family #2)

    Raquel Jessica 'RJ' Blake met Gabriel Angus Manning 7 years ago at the workplace, they both worked at the local hospital RJ was training to be a nurse and Gabe doctor. They have now been married for 3 years and they are expecting their first child they have chose to have a suprise. They want a name that is out of the top 500 popular names. And a middle name that is unisex.


    The Henrikson's (family#3)

    Iris Juliett Malone & Cade Zachary Henrikson are engaged to be married; they met in high school and went in different directions and rekindles their love 6 years ago. They are expecting their first child a daughter- she is to have a unique but short name as she has a long surname. middle name length doesn't matter aslong as it is a pretty name.


    The Rosario's (family#4)

    Charlene Robin Parsons met Freddie Silas Rosario at a family get together, They hit it off instantly and have been in a relationship ever since and are due to marry 2 months befor ethe birth of their first son. They want a traditional but funky first name with a 5 letter middle name as the parents do.


    The Strauss-Finch's (family#5)

    Jennifer' jennie' Marianne Strauss met Lyssa Melayne Finch at cookery school when they were 17, and have been inseperable since. As they both wanted to be cake makers, they teamed up together and started their own cake business called the 'Jennilyssa Styles Cakes'. They were married last year on their 10th year anniversary and have decided to go ahead and adopt a set of twin girls from Montserrat (Barcelona). they would like them to have unique beautiful names with spanish middle names from their culture.

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