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    Unhappy Finding a name that 'fits' me (sorta long)

    Okay, so ever since I was little I have always felt...disconnected from my name. Although I don't hate it so much that I would want to legally change it (seems like such a hassle), it is a pain most of the time. Also I just never 'feel' like my name. The traits or kind of person I think of when I hear my name is not like me at all. Also since my mother didn't spell it the 'usual' way it has caused me further grief (since it is already a name that people get mixed up with others). I have just come to the point where I feel like I don't want to use my name anymore; I don't want to drop it officially but I don't really want to use it most of the time.

    Now if my name (Kirstin) had an obvious nickname (besides Kirsty/Kirstie which I really don't like) then I would use it, but it doesn't. I have considered using one of my middle names (Elaine and Della) but both are my grandmothers’ names. Now I really don't like Elaine, just never have. I don't mind Elena but it wouldn't make sense to use that since it is so different from Elaine. Della I love, but that grandmother passed away and I never knew her. I just recently began to get in touch with her part of my family and I don't want to make them uncomfortable by using the name. (Insert big sigh here) See my problem yet?

    I have thought about just going by a completely different name (not connected to any of my names in any way). I have tried out a few; Branwen, Persephone, even Kirsty (which again I don't like). I am currently using the name Pandora a lot, which I love. But I have not tried using Pandora on people in real life (strangers I mean), most of the time I use it as a username and that's about it so far. I love that everyone knows how to say and pronounce it (unlike Kirstin which gets spelled and pronounced Kirsten, Kristen, Kristin, Christian, even Christine). I never have to explain that yes it is 'Ker-stin' and no it still isn't 'keer-stin'. I really do love Pandora (so much) but a lot of people look at me (friends, teachers, family) like I am crazy when I tell them it because it is just so unusual and isn't part of my name at all (so to them it seems random).

    I feel like if I could find a proper nickname from any of my names (Kirstin, Elaine or Della) then it might solve my problem a bit. Or maybe it wouldn't, I don't know, I haven't come across any nicknames that I have liked yet. I would love to go by Pandora, but I am starting to wonder if it really is silly to go by something that isn't your first name, middle name or nickname.

    So basically what I am looking for here are any suggestions of nicknames from my names maybe even some advice (on what I should do with Pandora...use it or not and whether it matters if it is connected to my names or not) or even a 'I know how you feel'.


    Just call me Pandora...

    Bensiabel, Orpheus, Lucifer, Florian, Alistair, Felix, Draco,
    Rosamund, Artemisia, Arcadia, Alice, Adelpha, Flora, Lilith

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    I don't know about in Canada but here in America I changed my name (legally) and it was worth every second of trouble. Pandora is nms but if you really like it.. then just do it! Make it your legal first name and new people you meet will assume you were born Pandora.

    As a side note, I have known several Kirsten's (spelled this way) and everyone of them hates their name. Interesting.

    If you wanted a nn for a current name... Elle, Ellie, Lane, Laney/Lanie, Kit, Kerry (kind of a long shot).

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    How about Kris? or Kerr?

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    Kit would be perfect!

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    Nicknames for Kirstin that aren't Kirsti:
    Keri/Kerry (or whatever spelling of Carrie - Kirstin has the K - R sounds, so I wouldn't think a Kirstin going by Kerry was odd)
    Kit - suggested above but I'm repeating it because I like it!

    Names for Elaine and Della
    Ella - combining the two
    Elodie (Ela + De)
    Adele / Adela / Adeline (these use letters from both)
    Catherine/Kathleen, Susan/Susannah, Anne/Anna/Annabeth, Jane, Margaret/Marguerite, Rose/Rosemary, Cecile/Cecily, Flora/Laura, Gwendolen, Paloma, Tabitha, Lucille, Beatrice, Harriet

    Frederick, Hugh/Hugo, Wilfred, Basil, Augustin, Edmund, Arlo, Timothy

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