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    Perhaps you could find a way to use Pandora as a nickname? Maybe you have personality traits in common with Pandoras in mythology or books? I have a friend named Catherine and everyone calls her Jane. Someone started calling her that because she's a lot like Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, and the name stuck.

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    Hi ladyvanraven, I definitely sympathize with feeling disconnected from your name. If you like Pandora, use it! It's a beautiful name, and people really will call you what you want to be called. I agree with rainydaygarden, Elle and Ella are both great nicknames.

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    I like Elle/Ellie/Ella as a NN for Elaine, if you wanted to go that route.

    But you're free to change your name legally to whatever you want! It's your prerogative. I know a woman who I know as Laurie and she changed her name legally from something she considers so terrible that she won't even tell me what it was. It may be a few weeks of paperwork but it'll be worth it if you will be happier for it in the long run.

    Whether you should use Pandora or not is something you're going to have to decide for yourself. Yes, it's unusual but if you love it then by all means. If you aren't in love with your own name (or middles) then you may as well go as far from them as you want.

    What other names are you considering?

    I will say that I used to relate to you. My first name is Olimpia, and while now I love it I used to get teased all the time as a child, for reasons that are still not clear to me. It just seemed like a target. So my options were to start using Mercedes or Bianca, my middles (also from grandmothers). At the time I didn't like either of those either so I just dealt with it. So I understand, for a lot of my childhood I really resented my name. Now I love Olimpia and Mercedes and use those two as my names for most legal documents. (poor Bianca has been sort of dropped by the way side! lol)
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    I would say if pandora is who you want to be then go with it.
    My name is Roberta but feel no connection with it so have always gone by Bobbi, when I hear the name Roberta it always feels like someone else's name.
    My nan was named Joan but hated it so decided to go by Maureen. Everyone knew her by this name, even her mother, my great grandmother would call her Maureen because its what made her happy. I think your family and friends should understand and accept whatever you want to be called and love you regardless. Good luck : )

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    Thank you all for the nice responses

    I really liked: Kira, Kiri, Kisa, Ella, Adele and Adela (especially the last two).

    Thanks for everybody's support of Pandora. I think I will just keep thinking about it for a while. I have a few years still (I'm 16) before I can legally change my name, and who knows maybe I will not wan't to at that point or be over Pandora. I think what I will do is try out some of the nicknames you guys have so graciously given me (as well as Pandora) and just kind of see what feels best.

    Thanks again guys!

    Just call me Pandora...

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