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    I would've been John Charles Brian if I was a boy, sounds like a good, strong name, right? That is until you hear the nickname my Dad wanted to use - Digger! Its because the initials JCB are used by a construction machinery company. I am so glad I am a girl! I am named after my grandmother, and I have two family middles as well - I love using family names, makes you feel like your name actually means something, rather than just being a name, you know?

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    I was going to be Taylor, but my mum decided (unfortunately) to change it to Jordan last minute.

    Eugh, I hate my name

    J. 20. Designer.

    Edith Primrose. Eira Rosemary. Poppy Matilda. Sylvie Primrose. Vera Forentina.
    Elliot Christian. Julian Theodore. Vincent Orion. Walter Edmund.

    also considering...
    Anna Soleil. Jane Leonora. Rose Evangeline.
    Annevieve Claire Claudia Cressida Evangeline Guinevere Gwyneira Leora Marguerite Susan
    Atlas August Darcy Donovan Edmund Jasper Jude Loren Theoden Vaughn Willem Winston

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    My parents didn't find out our genders before we were born (I'm a twin) and both of them just "knew" that we were two boys...! I was going to be called Montgomery... I'm kind of glad I'm a girl
    Apparently a couple of weeks before we were born, they decided it might be a good idea to have a couple of girl names as a back up... and they were totally shocked when they had two girls! My name is Jemima Fr@nces and my twin's is Gretel M@rgo. She was going to be Solomon or Frederick.
    Three years later, my parents were convinced that my younger brother was going to be a girl, and his name was going to be Harriet. He was named Barnaby Edw@rd C@rlisle and now my little cousin is called Harriet!

    twenty-two | law student

    * Beatrix * Nell * Penelope * Felicity * Margo *

    * Theodore * Hugo * Edmund * Felix * Oscar *

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    My mom wanted to name me Amelia Josephine (so my mom could call me Amy Jo for short) and my dad wanted my name to be Crystal Lee. However, it was my sister who named me Krystina Marie. I'm happy with it, though, had my mom won I would have insisted on people calling me Mia.

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