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    My mother actually didn't want to find out what I was so I was a mystery until I was born. Initially for a girl she wanted to name me Brittany Renee which I am thankful it never happened. Navy is actually a family name given to the men on my dad's side and he somehow convinced her that they should carry on the tradition as the last person to have that name was my grandfather regardless of it I was a boy or a girl. So I became Navy Renee, but after a while my mom didn't think it flowed very well and she was a big fan of Jane Austen so I became Navy Jane and had I been a boy I would have been either Navy Austen or Navy Owen which is my dad's name I'm glad I was a girl because my initials would have been NAK or NOK which I don't know how I feel about that...

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    My parents were considering women from literature, like Elena (Helen of Troy) or Beatriz (Beatrice from Dante) but weren't sold on it. My mother's secret dream was to be an opera singer, but it never worked out for her. One day apparently my grandmother was in the car listening to opera when they mention a woman named Olympia, and that was that, she mentioned it to my mom and my parents thought it was super appropriate. Literary and had ties to opera, so Olimpia (the Spanish spelling) it was.

    Then my middles are Mercedes and Bianca after each grandmother, one Spanish and one Italian.
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    I was supposed to be Andrea Devon - my mom loved it. Then my dad heard the song "Hollyann" by Boston and decided that should be my name. They had both names still in the air when my mum went into labor - she ended up with a c-section and when she came out of the haze I was already named Hollyann Beth (Beth so I would have the same initials as my father). So dad kind of tricked her, lol. If I were a boy I would have been Thomas Jay.
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    I'd of been Jonathan David John if I was a boy. And I was supposed to be named Tamsin Marie but my grandmother didnt like it and my other grandmother found the name Kelly on a money box and my parents decided to call me that :-( I'd of loved to of been a Tammy.

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    My mum wanted to call me something along the lines of Shakira, but she had a cousin with the same name, so she thought it would get confusing (I have never met this cousin btw). And she also wanted to call me Morgana, which would have been so cool, but she said my dad would never have agreed because of the Arhurian legend. In the end she just left it up to my dad to name me. :P
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