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    Arto opinions/options - lazy Australian pronounciation

    Hello dears!

    After your personal opinions on the name Arto. It has been mine and my husbands favourite name for about 7 years - although he is a bit more keen on it than I am. Arto is the name of my husbands favourite skateboard from way back Arto Saari(originally from Finland). It is a form of Arthur which means bear. We plan on TTC this Dec.

    The niggle I have with Arto is the pronunciation. It's all very well for me at home to say ArTo, but DH says Ardo(as do I when I'm not concentrating). It really came to my attention when an acquaintance asked my fav boys name, I thought I said Arto but she replied "Ardo?".

    So berries, will this be an issue - will people at school/for the rest of his life be saying Ardo? Does it matter? Are there other names like this? I can think of one a bit similar - Brittany. The name of one of my very close friends who for 24 years has been called Brit or Britney. No one seems to bother with BrittANY(except her mum). Sounds a bit posh. Will I make my child/me like this by insisting on ArTo for years to come?

    Could Arturo be a good alternative for a longer name? I like Arthur but it has daggy old man associations for my husband and his family (Uncle Arthur was some daggy comedy character on the telly in the late 80's -90's).

    DH was named after a very famous James Bond actor - he would like his child to have a celeb of some sort to name our son after(if we have one). Hmm! Some others he likes are Jagger, Iggy, Wolf.(all a bit too trendy IMO, I prefer them as middles). If I start now I may be able to change his mind in time. Or I'm hoping you can put my mind at ease. Thanks!!
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    I pronounce it as ART- toe. But I do like Arturo.
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    I love the name but you're right it would probably be pronounced by most as Ardo in Australia (I'm from New Zealand) but does that matter? If you love the name, I say go with it.

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    I love it. Could be a great nickname for Arthur or Arturo. As for the pronunciation, I say it the same way you do, which is not like Ardo.

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    I think if you are worried about Arto sounding like Ardo maybe Arthur or Arturo nn Arto would work.

    It would essentially be the same name but give you a more crisp name to fall back on for prn. I would think that because the most prevalent nn for Arthur/Arturo is Art adding the o wouldn't be odd and might suggest a stronger t sound. (maybe I’m just reaching - but it makes sense in my head)
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