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  • Charlotte Louise

    37 63.79%
  • Elizabeth Louise

    22 37.93%
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    Charlotte or Elizabeth

    Charlotte has been our #1 for awhile, but thinking about Elizabeth in the back of my mind still. I understand that nicknames are not always predictable, but I like Lottie for Charlotte and Ellie or Lizzie for Elizabeth. Louise is the #1 contender for our middle name right now as it has very special family meaning. thanks!

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    I much prefer Charlotte, although Elizabeth is a lovely name, too.
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    Elizabeth is my mother's name, so I'll always have a soft spot for it I love Lottie as a nickname more though, so I think I'd rather vote for Charlotte. If your Elizabeth nicknames were Libby, Betsy or Elsie, I'd vote for it hands down, but I just can't back Lizzie as a nn (I LOVE Ellie though). My mum hates Lizzie, and only allows my dad to call her that. The Lizzie Borden connection always freaked her out quite a bit.
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    My husband just informed me that he loves Ellie but doesn't care for Lizzie, lol....

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    I like both names quite a lot. I prefer the sound and meaning of Charlotte but the history of Elizabeth. If it weren't for the nickname issue, this question would come down to a toss-up for me. While I love Lottie and like Ellie, I truly cannot stand any other Elizabeth nickname. And I fear (as I do with a name I love - Eleanor) that too many little girls with other names are using the nickname Ellie, thus making the nn even more ubiquitous than the name itself. For those reasons, I vote Charlotte.
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