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    Is it too late to change my 4 year olds name?

    We named our daughter Sophia in 2009. At that time it was #7 in popularity so we knew it was popular. Both my husband and I felt comfortable using a common name because we liked it. Unfortunately it has surged in popularity so much that I now feel embarrassed to introduce my daughter as the second or third Sophia at the library, swim class, or even a small backyard barbecue. I find that I don't use her name in public. I call her sweetie or honey instead. There are many names in the top 10 you hear with frequency but this is to the point where there is always confusion wherever we go.
    My husband feels open to changing her name though he would rather not. The grandparents/extended family is not going to like it. I figure since she hasn't started school this is our last chance to make a change but feeling a lot of resistance even though I think it will be better for her on the long run. Thoughts? Advice?

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    I'm not sure, I feel she is a little old to change it.... however my sister switched her first and middle name around before high school (at around 11) and is happy she did and everyone accepted although some people found it strange.... Do you like her middle name enough to use it instead? Do you have a particular name in mind?

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    I think 4 is a bit too old to change her name. What does she think of her name?

    What about using a less common nickname for Sophia? I think there would be more options than you might expect. Sosie, Fia, Pia, Sia, Sonya?

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    She's four years old and she knows her name. Let her keep what is already familiar. I don't think parents should be changing children's names after the age of one.
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    What is her middle name? Could you just call her that instead?
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