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    My daughter has 3. A first & 2 middles. I considered throwing a 4th into the mix, but Nameberry convinced me not to! I remember one comment that said this practice was "only for royals" so I didn't want to seem like I was trying to be overly fancy. My daughter has a first name that's all her own and 2 middles that honor someone special on each side of her family, that 4th name was another honor name. I wanted to use it cause I thought I was going to only want one child so I thought it was my only chance to honor my aunt.

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    Or maybe it's kuh-RIN? I also want to know how it's said that it's impossible over here O_o

    But I think 2 middles is enough. I wouldn't (though I've thought about it :P ) go over 2 middles. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Two middles is more than enough for me, sometimes it's actually bordering on being a bit much if long names are used - any more than three names is only acceptable for royalty.

    As for Karin, in Denmark were it's fairly common though slightly dated, we pronounce it KAH-rinn.
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    I guess depending on how you look at it I have either two first names or two middles, my mother has always considered my first name to be Lizalee though my father had never accepted that idea so my names are Liza Lee, up until I was in high school I went by both of them as my first name in school and sports and stuff with just Liza being a nick name and Liz being an even shorter one now it's just easier that I go by Liza as my first/nickname if I get Liza Lee off my mother it gets my attention but if I get Liza Lee Mary I know I'm in trouble lol
    Also Liza is pronounced as Liz-ah rather than lie-za
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    As for Karin, in Denmark were it's fairly common though slightly dated, we pronounce it KAH-rinn.
    So almost identical to Karen then, hmm. I wonder why that's impossible for Americans?

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