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    Let's talk about Oceana

    Recently, I have fallen in love with the name Oceana. I can't decide what pronunciation I like best, but I think I like oh-she-ANNA and oh-she-AHNA equally well. I love how the name sounds strong but feminine, sturdy but light. Also, I like the nn option of Shea. I would appreciate feedback on what you all think of the name and what pronunciation you would use.

    Also, I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to use Oceana as a first name, but I am trying to come up with combos using it as a first or middle. So far I have:
    Oceana Blythe
    Tess Oceana

    It is difficult because I tend to like nature and word names, which do not go very well with Oceana (besides Blythe, that is).

    I think Claire Oceana or Oceana Claire would be nice, but Claire is unfortunately not an option for me for personal reasons. Any ideas for names that would work similarly?

    Thank you in advance!
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    I like the oh-she-ahna pronunciation better. The name is beautiful, by the way.
    Oceana Blythe rolls of the tongue nicely but are you fine with two word-y names? If so, it's a good combo.
    Oceana Blair(instead of Claire)
    Oceana Gwen
    Oceana Celine
    Oceana Fay (I like the meaning - "ocean fairy")
    Oceana Eve
    Oceana Mauve
    Oceana Elaine
    And I really like how Oceana Joyce sounds but I am pretty sure I am the only person who likes Joyce.

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    Ooh I like Oceana Blythe and Oceana Celine. I also like Celine Oceana. Beautiful!

    And I like both pronunciations of Oceana--the long "a" and the short "a", with a slight preference for the long "a" (ahn-a).

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    I love the suggestion of Oceana Celine - how gorgeous!!
    Also, I like both the oh-she-AH-na prn and oh-SHAH-nah (please vote!)

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    Thanks for the feedback so far! Oh, Oceana Celine is dreamy and beautiful. It isn't really my style, but fun to say! What do you all think of Esther Oceana?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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