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    1. Lovable Rogue

    Genre of Story: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: medieval-ish sometimes in a middle eastern place, sometimes more european

    Brief Plot: Just a plot for this character -- He's a rogue type character. He's had a hard past and seen and done some terrible, awful things. He's been homeless for years now but only desperate/on the verge of death homeless in the beginning. Now, he's adapted and taken on a more nomadic "I go where I want and do what I want" sort of attitude. He visited a strange land and did one too many not quite legal things and now he's in jail and subsequently thrust into a world of magic and mayhem he's experienced before.

    Character Description: Read Above. As far as looks and personality go -- He's dark skinned and haired and eyed. He's the equivalent of Arabic in my world. I'll attach pictures. He's sweet and kind and compassionate but he's also a tad slow. He's slow to catch onto things sometimes and sometimes he can be very clumsy and frustrating. He has many skills and he knows how to do the sneaky thief thing, but while lots of times he's great at it, there are times he'll screw things up worse trying to help. He can be a badass, but he he be bumbling sometimes.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Brother -- Erebus (god of darkness and shadow in Greek myth). Father -- Iscaycuari (doubly savage and un-tamable)
    The way that names work over there is that they won't get middles and their surnames are DEN plus the fathers name. So the brother is Erebus den Iscaycuari. It will only ever been said like that once, maybe twice, but the first name should sound good.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Don't suggest a variant of Alexander.

    Here's my reference pictures:


    And here's your options:

    Zahir -- helper, supporter
    Raza -- contentment, satisfaction
    Sulayman -- Peace
    Juda -- goodness, excellence -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

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    From your list, Zahir sounds good. The first name I thought of was Diarmuid (spelling?).

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    I like Zahir the most.
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    Zahir fits the picture and description the most, to me.
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    I too went with Zahir as I found it easiest to say.

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