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    Hey again, so I have another story started, this one is about a teenage girl who is a shapeshifter. Her grandmother, who raised her, is a Jamaican witch. The girl's name is Jinx, because her grandmother has a horrible sense of humor and her shifted form is a black cat. I need names for a young witch girl, I was thinking something out of the ordinary. A name for a male werewolf, once again, something out there and weird. And a name for Jinx's grandmother, something Jamaican. Thanks all, the help on my last post was so appreciated. :grin:

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    Out-there-and weird male names:
    Tumbleweed (I don't like it, but it's out there)
    Jamaican female names: I can't find any, sorry.

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    Werewolf: Brennon, Kirk, Corbett, Dylan, Julian, Joaquin, Griffin, Tadgh

    Young with girl: Rebel, Blaze, Marjani, Yoshi, Eshe, Asha, Kenzi, Kinsey, Sabel

    Jamaican Grandmother: Yevette, Talicia, Shaundra, Sheree, Cleona, Edwina, Tawni, Lela

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    Werewolf- Breckin, Colby, Talon, Teilo, Marcel, Andreas, Ichabod, Truman, Macon.

    grandmother- Lucretia(perhaps not jamaican but really felt the name fitted) Tamila, Chemier, Jalissa, Shekeia, Trinika, Rashona, Santianna, Desreta

    Girl- Jessamyn, Isabeau, Laurie, Lorna, Melayne, Ariane, Letitia or Talia

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    Grandmother- Jamila or Maurita
    Young witch- Afternoon, Yesterday, Aquamarine
    Boy- Bay, Ishmael, Lucifer

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