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    navyjane Guest

    Cool If you could trade your partner for any celebrity who would it be?

    I think my man knows if Tom Hiddleston ever came and swept me off my feet he wouldn't stand a chance. Sorry my love. Plus when he gets geeky and wears the glasses I am just at his service completely
    So who tickles your fancy?

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    Kurt Cobain does, but I wouldn't trade somebody I love for him, not really.
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    navyjane Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by polina View Post
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    Kurt Cobain does, but I wouldn't trade somebody I love for him, not really.
    That's a good one. I love Kurt Cobain.

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    This is going to sound ridiculous but - Charlie Day! Hahaha. I just love him.

    Edit: Also possibly Nick Kroll. He is a young Jeff Goldblum.
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    Well I wouldn't trade my beautiful husband for anything but seeing as many people thinks he looks like Richard Gere it would have to be him.
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