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    Films: I love movies but don't get the time to watch a lot of them. Some of my favorites are About Time (guilty pleasure movie), both of the Hunger Games movies, Dumb & Dumber, any of the Harry Potters, Alien, & Bully (documentary - really good!)

    Books: I used to adore reading when I was younger but when I started high school we were assigned so much reading I slowly came to dislike reading for fun. I know it sounds awful but (whispers) I don't really like books. That being said, I do still READ- just not as much for fun, and the only author I've really, really loved has been John Green. I'll happily reread any one of his books in thirty minutes.

    Hobbies: I love organizing things and will freak out if my room is a tiny bit out of order. As far as actual non-weird hobbies, I like drawing (I'm not good at it though) and writing poetry. Watching and playing sports have always been some of my favorite pastimes as well as anything culinary. I also play clarinet (7th year) and played oboe for a bit (hence the username) but gave it up because it was boring haha.

    Sports: I've played volleyball for 3 nonconsecutive years now, played soccer for 4 years and will be in my 14th year of cross-country running in the fall. I love to watch American football and tennis. I also like bowling (if that counts )
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    @Clara: I like video and computer games as well...I am guilty of playing The Sims all the day.
    @ashthedreamer: I don't write often as well. Sometimes I have no time and sometimes I just can't come up with the continuation of the story. But when I do, I am the happiest human being ever. That's so cool that you learn French, I am never able to make myself learn any languages if I don't have somebody who checks my work. I have 3(!) Spanish textbooks(and 2 workbooks) but I am always too lazy to open it. That's a shame, I would love to know more so I plan to start on my holiday.
    @Catalina: you are so sporty, that's great. I am no sportsman - I can't run for more than 2 km(I used to run because it is important for treating my health problems but now I don't have time), I am so-so at volleyball and I can't (drumroll) ride a bike. But, instead, my body is very flexible so I am quite good at yoga and stuff. I adore basketball though and, like you, bowling. And you played oboe? When I studied art and music at school, I used to hear it a lot but I have never met(or heard of) anyone who plays it.

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    I'm a biologist, getting a masters in microbiology so I love reading non-fiction books, preferably about science although I'll do biographies and the like as well. For example, right now I'm reading "Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic," which is about viruses that leap from animals to humans (highly recommend it, it reads like a mystery novel!) I haven't read a fiction novel since high school, I think!

    My other hobbies include photography, which means I've invested a lot of money in gear and lenses this last year (too much, probably!) and I also keep and breed chameleons. I'm currently trying to breed a species that is very difficult to get to do well in captivity so I dedicate a lot of time to them and I also maintain a blog about the process to teach others as I go.

    Besides that, everything else is pretty normal! I draw and illustrate, I love listening to music, and I do everything with my two Shelties, so we go out to the dog park or rollerblading quite a lot.
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    I'm not sure if all of these count as hobbies, but I like:

    Reading - Currently sucked into A Song of Ice and Fire. I like fantasy, historical fiction, classics, and a sprinkling of other genres.
    Writing - even if I don't do much of it anymore
    Walking - I love taking long walks outside.
    Tumblring - tumblr is a problem for me
    Listening to music - I've been loving me some bluegrass lately, but I like an eclectic mix of genres.
    Hanging out with my grandparents - I don't really have friends in real life, so I spend time with my grandparents and great-grandmother instead.

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    Sorry I haven't been on and left the thread.
    @olimpia: I like photography, too, but I don't like taking pictures of people, I enjoy the nature and the cities more. Actually, my pictures are very non-professionals but sometimes I watch through them so to recall the moments.
    @southern.maple: I have the same problem with writing - I always have something on my mind but I can't find any time for actually putting it down. And that's great you spend time with your parents, it's so rare for people I know IRL to really communicate with their families.
    Berries, feel free to share your hobbies, I(and I suppose I am not the only one) like tracking such threads!

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