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Thread: Juno vs. Echo

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    Juno vs. Echo

    Hello berries,
    I want to get some feedback on the names Juno and Echo. I am pregnant with my 3rd girl, fourth and final child. Both of these names are on our list.
    Juno- pro it seems more accessible because of Ellen Paige playing Juno in a movie and the super cute actress Juno violet Temple. Cons I have many Spanish speaking family members and J names in Spanish sound really bad.
    Echo- pros we don't know any one with this name so there are Ko good or bad associations. It's rich in history and sounds good in Spanish. Cons maybe its too out there?
    This baby will have 2 middle names like our other children probably after her grandmothers Marian Cecilia and Beatrice (goes by nn Bee) Bennett.

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    What are the other children's names? I adore both names. Echo is definitely a cool out there choice-so it would only work if her sisters names were out there too!
    current favorite names:



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    My other children are
    Lil@ (lee-lah) Be!!e Ave!ine(ahveh-Leen)
    Miro (mih-row) The!onius !ightning
    P@lom@ J@nu@ry Jewe!!
    All our kids have meaningful or family middle names.

    Lila with the lie-la pronunciation is pretty common plus there are a million Lulu's, Lilly's, Laila's and Lola's around. We have never met of heard I another Miro. Paloma is pretty uncommon where we live home er we have come across 2 other Paloma's of different ages in towns close to ours. I definetly want a more uncommon name like Paloma.
    * I used ! Instead of L and @ in place of a to make there names not searchable so please do not repeat their entire names on your posts.

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    Meryl I am sorry I am not an Echo lover. I could love Juno a lot more. Have you gone off names with an 'ee' ending?

    Did you ask DH if he liked Xanthe?


    PS I just reread your girls names and they end in an 'a' and I really believe that this little darling baby of yours would love a name ending in an 'a' too.

    So going on the latest choices I think it would have to be Junia.

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    I love Echo but I, it's a guilty pleasure name for me because I can't imagine it on a real child but I would be delighted to meet one
    The suggestion of Junia possibly works better with your other children's names and is beautiful!
    Alouette/ Alouetta nn Aloe is another suggestion that may work with your sibset.
    Good luck!

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