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    Exclamation Please Help Us Choose 2!!!!

    Hi berries,

    My husband and I are trying to narrow down our list to two girls' names. We have one child named Julia already. Here are some ideas-please choose your two favorite. We are partial to names that highlight our icelandic/danish roots but open to other ideas as well. Thanks for your help!

    Claire Augusta
    Lilja (Lil ee ah) Eve
    Brynndis Eve
    Astrid Elisabeth
    Elisabeth Eve
    Britt Elise

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    I'm really having a hard time personally selecting 2 because they seem soooo different from Julia to me. In that case- I have to choose Claire and Elisabeth because they fit Julia most to me and sibling names going together is a priority to me personally when giving opinions.

    I'm sure you're not open to middle names as first names- but if so I also love Augusta and Elise.
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    I do love Augusta-but wasn't sure what it would be like to grow up having that as a first name!! I think we are tending toward Claire and Britt (those are the two my husband likes best) but I really like the sound of Lilja...We're stuck

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    Claire, Elisabeth and Britt work best with Julia in my opinion, though I would be inclined to find something longer for Britt. Lilja is very pretty, but a bit singsongy with Julia, which might not matter to you but would make me stray from it personally.

    Astrid -- can never get beyond the first syllable.
    Brynndis -- I actually really like this one. It's new to me, and I feel like if she feels its too different and one point or another (seems many of us wind up having a qualm with our given name at some point) she can go by Brynn, which is also lovely.

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    Lilija and Julia are too close IMO.

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