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    Thoughts on these crushes...

    Okay so this is an incredibly mixed bag haha, but they do share a similar feel in my mind despite the mix-matched style. The L/M/S sounds they happen to have in common have a specific, sunny/happy imagery to me (the majority also are blonde children in my head)...

    Sky (currently in love with Sky Ferreira haha)
    Lindie/Lindy - Linde, maybe?
    Cibelle (never loved the look of Sybil but I saw this the other day and I think it's beautiful)
    Stazia (STAH-zya - I really like Nastassia too)
    Leta (LEEtah) and Liesel (LEEzul)

    What do you think? Would you place any of them with sisters Eilidh, Jemima, Billie/Sybilla, Imogen or Constance? (any combination is fine/welcome) Thanks! x
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    Martha- The first thing I think of is Martha Stewart, to be honest. But besides that, I find it to be a bit too dated
    Sky (currently in love with Sky Ferreira haha)- I've noticed more people liking it, but I just can't get on board. I'm not sure what it is about the name that I don't like
    Esme- My niece is a HUGE Twilight fan, so of course I think of the Twilight books/movies right away. However, I think it is a nice name
    Lindie/Lindy - Linde, maybe?- My mom was sometimes called Lindy (short for Linda), so I have a very close connection with it. I don't know about it as a full name though
    Apple- Too Gwyneth Paltrow to me. I can't see it working on a name for someone that isn't the child of a celebrity
    Cibelle (never loved the look of Sybil but I saw this the other day and I think it's beautiful)- I think it looks a little bit much; I don't mind the look of Sybil but Cibelle looks like SIH-belle rather than Sih-bul/sih-bil to me
    Stazia (STAH-zya - I really like Nastassia too)- I think this could grow on me! I have a bad association with Nastassia though
    Isis- I like Iris, Ivy, and a few other I names but I could never get behind Isis
    Emme- Are you pronouncing it Em-ee or simply Em? (I've seen both) Either sounds nice to me, and I have is as a nickname for Emeline which is on my list
    Leta (LEEtah) and Liesel (LEEzul)- Leta has really been growing on me and I love Liesel!

    I think Liesel or Lindy would go well with Jemima, Imogen or Constance

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    I only really like Liesel and Martha. My problem with Liesel is it rhymes with so many negative words Diesel, weasel, etc.

    Esme is also very pretty but one of those names I've always felt like I could never pull the trigger on. Something about it just leaves me wanting something more (personally).
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    Martha - It's been growing on me lately. It still reminds me of Martha Stewart, though. Maybe because I visit her website for recipes very often.
    Sky - I love Sky Ferreira and I love Sky! It's been growing on me since I started watching Breaking Bad.
    Esme - Feels very sophisticated and sweet. I like it.
    Lindie/Lindy - Not sure… Feels dated because of Linda, but I quite like the sound of Lindie (I always prefer "ie" to "y"). Linden, maybe? Linde is lovely, too.
    Apple - I'm a big fan of Apple products so the association is too strong for me, although Apple as a name is lovely. Maybe Pomme?
    Cibelle - Sybil is my new obsession and I think I love all the spellings and variations of it. I also like Cybele.
    Stazia - Never heard about it before one of your posts. It's lovely. Reminds me of Stasya, my best friend (her full name is Anastasia).
    Isis - Sweet, but I slightly prefer Iris.
    Emme - I love it and actually prefer it to Emma.
    Leta - It feels gentle and strong at the same time, I love it.
    Liesel - Gorgeous, I love it.

    I think Martha works well with Jemima, Sybilla, Imogen and Constance.
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    Sorry for abandoning this thread, and thanks for the responses everyone

    These are mostly guilty pleasures I guess, none I'd ever use in reality for various reasons but I still think are gorgeous. Apple is maybe the most unusable but it feels so fresh and lovely - I LOVE Pomme, Polina! Haha, thanks.
    Rosemary / Briar / Evangeline / Sibyl / Alba

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore / Emmett / Hugh / Wilfred / Oberon

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