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    But, it's different this time for me because last time I wasn't worried about the life changes that would come going from being a couple to a family, but this time I am worried about how I'll cope going from one baby to two kids under two. Nowadays I generally just go along with whatever makes the baby happy, I'm very laid back and happy to dedicate my time to her whims. (Another hour eating dirt at the park? Why, don't mind if I do!) But with two different little people who are likely not to want the same thing at the same time? I can't envision yet how exactly I'll make that work, and it scares me.
    The nice thing is that at first they sleep a lot and you'll have awhile until you frequently have kids who want to do two different things. Taking care of two children is a lot trickier then one child but it's so amazing when they play nicely together.
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    i'm not at all worried about labour this time, and i wasn't particularly worried last time. There are a lot of people on this earth, and they came out of vagina's just like mine. Nothing to worry about! :d
    i love this!

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