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    Help us love any boy name! First and middle name suggestions welcome.

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant. My significant other and I have reviewed and considered so many boys' names, yet nothing really stands out. We just don't LOVE any. We typically like names with substance and history--usually underused classics and "old people" names (although we're open to anything with some substance to it). We tend to dislike super trendy names. Also, I'm not too keen on biblical names, although I may be swayed on that point (as I like the name Ruth, for instance).

    He likes Francis and Angus. I do not. Angus is too similar to our daughter's name (and I can't get past it being one letter away from, well, you know...).

    We considered Edward (nickname Ned), Arthur and Clark. These are probably our top contenders, which is sad, because they don't really feel in the running at this point. I've sort of toyed with the idea of Peter, but he's not a big fan.

    Our daughter is Alice Cordelia. Our top name if we have a girl is Helen Beatrice (although it's not exactly set in stone). The last name is a 3-syllable name beginning with E, ending in Y. It's a modern-sounding name that has caught on as an alternative to Emily for girls.

    Can you suggest any names we may love? Feel free to promote any options you think may fit our style and other name choices. Thank you kindly for your help (we really need it)!

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    Oh, I like Edward and Arthur

    Some ideas are:
    Jethro (biblical, yes. But so much history and it's unusual )

    Praying for Mae Evelyn or Reid Elijah
    Mae Evelyn / Ella Hadley / Ada Jane / Lena Camille / Liv Eleanor / Iris Abigail / Gwen Eliza

    Reid Elijah / Benjamin Abel / Owen Archer / Liam Harvey / Jonah Matthew / Ronan Isaac / Jack Ezra

    Eliza Winter / Lila Eve / Liora Jane / Nora Adeline / Cleo Madeleine / Gwen Eliza / Millie Adelaide

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    The thing about Walter, Edward and Arthur, which are names we like, is that I think they sound a touch awkward with the surname (Emery). It's all the Rs. What do you think?

    I'll read up on Leonard. I like those leo/lion names.

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    I really like Alaric although Alaric and Alice might be too close. I'm a big fan of Damien and Seth as well.

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    I think Nicholas is a lovely classic name (it was my grandfather's name), and I work with seniors and really get to meet wonderful people with classic names. Jack has made a real revival, but some slightly more unique ones I've heard are Raymond, Laurel and Patrick.

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