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    Very Specific Needs

    Hey again Berries! We've been able to better describe what we need/want after our other thread, but we still haven't found the name (which is starting to really scare me). Her middle name will be Christina (can't change) and our last name is Crosby and because of those two names, we can't use names ending in -a or -ee/y and can't begin with C. We don't like unisex or trendy names and we don't mind names with nicknames (but the nicknames can't end in -ee/y either).

    Does that spark any new ideas?

    As I had posted on our other one, I'm really truly sorry if we seem ungrateful or unappreciative for all the suggestions. We could not begin to express how thankful we are for all of them; and we do feel bad that we have been turning most of them down. We are both extremely picky about names and super picky about the flow of them (and both of us are stubborn).

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    Quote Originally Posted by polina View Post
    You shouldn't apologize, it's perfectly okay that you want the best name with the best flow for your daughter! I'm going to try again...

    Willow Christina
    Scarlett Christina
    Olive Christina
    Jessamine Christina
    Gemma Christina
    Florence Christina
    Genevieve Christina
    Josephine Christina
    Vivienne Christina
    Miriam Christina
    Hazel Christina
    Anais Christina
    Esther Christina
    Iris Christina
    Millicent Christina
    Margaux Christina
    Gwyneth Christina
    Estelle Christina
    Blanche Christina
    Ines Christina
    Noelle Christina
    We both like the sound of Genevieve but since we both agree it's a bit "over the top" it would have to use a nickname but the only nickname we like is Evie which doesn't flow with Crosby

    I also like the sounds of: Willow, Hazel, Iris, Margo, and Estelle; but my husband isn't sure if Willow sounds "professional" enough, he doesn't like Hazel, Iris & Margo, and his goddaughter's name is Stella so Estelle is a bit too close for either of us

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesslyn View Post
    Let me try again...
    Peyton Christina Crosby
    Blair Christina Crosby
    Briar Christina Crosby
    Nanette Christina Crosby
    Isolde Christina Crosby
    Maris Christina Crosby
    Marin Christina Crosby
    Adrian Christina Crosby
    Shannon Christina Crosby
    Mairead Christina Crosby
    Rosalyn Christina Crosby
    Brynn Christina Crosby
    Peyton, Blair, Adrian, and Shannon (and somewhat Briar) are too unisex/boy-ish for us & we don't like the sound of the others. I have secretly loved Brynn for a long time, but since it is technically unisex/boy name I've always tried to avoid it

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