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    Don't like :
    Nicholas & Chrisoula ( Poor Chrisoula. Their mother is expected her third, a little girl who are going to name Stavroula. Way to matching with Chrisoula but all honors grandparents) .
    Elizabeth & Emilia (Elizabeth feels classy & Emilia trendy. )

    Somes I like :
    Mariana & Eirini nn Rena.
    Vasilis & Tatiana
    Aggelos, Vasilis & Eugenia nn Jenny.
    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”

    ~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

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    I recently interviewed for a nanny position with three boys...
    Carson, Carter, and Cardon. This is by far the worst sibset I have heard. (While I do like the names Carter and Carson, all of them together is much to similar...)
    Another one, I find mismatched is Austin, Kyle, Eliana, and Joaquin. The last child's name doesn't fit at my opinion.

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    My grandma and her sisters are Immacolata, Maria, Gemma, Caterina and Stella. I think it is a nice sibling set, although I think they are all named for family members. Also have a set of first cousins (sisters) called Maja and Elli (Swedish names), and a set of second cousins (sisters) called Olivia and Louise, I think both of those work well as pairs. A friend babysat a trio of siblings named Isl@, Frey@ and Lars, I thought that was gorgeous.

    I have second cousins (brother and sister) called J@nelle and J@yden, I have always thought that was really bad. Fortunately they are lovely.

    Other sets I have come across that aren't really to my tastes-
    Valentina & Jacquelina
    Lanetta & Jeanetta
    Christian & Sebastian
    Arthur, Ira, Rune, Sid, Phinnaeus, Silas, Tadhg
    Caspian, Tempest, Sable, Selah, Taliesin, Mina, Fauve, Seraphim

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