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    I know twins named Alec and Matthew, which I think go really well together. I also know siblings named Michael "Mike", Elizabeth "Liz", and Matthew "Matt", which I think go great because they are all the same style and have a similar sounding one syllable nickname. A bad one is Hannah, Grace, Lily, and Nolan because I think Hannah does not go with her siblings names at all.

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    The good: Elizabeth, Grace, and Fay
    Desmond and Luca
    Audrey, Marco, and Amelia

    The not so good: Blake and Jake
    Adelyn and Averie (nn Addy and Avie)

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    I just met a family with four kids, Gavin, Emma, Scarlett and Adlai....Where the heck did that come from?? Another that annoys me is Samuel and Samantha, and yes this is real life. One of the best sibsets I've met was Eve and Olivia, and another was Annabel and Juliet.
    Smothering one fur baby, my darling dog Briony Ember

    Peregrine, Evander, Kaius, Stellan, Cassius
    Beatrice, Hazel, Thisbe, Amoret

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    I know of twin girls named Fiona and Juliet, which I love. Neither name appeals to me particularly, but together I think they are pretty perfect. I also know sisters named Alina and Simone, and I know the style is a little different, but I have always loved them together.

    Some not so great ones that I know of:
    June and Joel
    Jordan (girl) and Amelia

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    A really great sibset I know has four boys: Brian, Owen, Sean, and Michael. Another is an irish sibset: Declan, Mairin, Eamon, Maeve, and Quinlan (girl). A bad one I know is kids Claude, Claudenae, and Claudenique, with parents Claude and Claudia. I'm not kidding.

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