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    Best/Worst Sibsets You've Heard Of

    I don't know if this has been done before, but I wanted to post a thread about any fantastic or horrible sibsets you've met, heard of, etc. These don't have to be names you like, just names you like together. For example, I recently met three siblings named Grace, Jack, and Harper. Although I only love Grace out of these three, I thought they all go perfectly together. A bad sibset I've met is twins names Jean and Joan, which is awful for obvious reasons. Another great sibset I've heard recently are four children - Charlotte, twins Grant and Emmeline "Emmy", and their little brother Alexander. I thought these names are perfect together stylistically. So, what are the best and worst sibsets you've come across?

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    Worst is BY FAR sisters named Doris & Paizlee. I have also met sisters Isabella & Elizabeth and brothers James & Zayden.

    Best sibset I've met is probably my bestie's sisbset -- Hannah & Daniel. Both are wonderful Biblical names.

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    I don't know if this is good or's mismatched, but I like the names: siblings Titus, Bethany, Carly, Allie, and Jaelyn.

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    Worst was Jayden & Zaiden. Another bad one was Zayden & Zane.
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    I don't know any terrible ones, but I've often thought of these as mismatched:
    Courtney (g) (19) and Natasha (14)
    Lachlan (23), Jessica (20) and Kelsey (b) (18) - Jessica and Lachlan go perfectly together, but then came Kelsey...

    Some that I really like:
    Catherine (18), Anna (15) and Elizabeth (10) - I've always loved this classic sibset!
    Harriet (13) and Eloise (11) - my cousins: I've always thought of it as classic but quirky
    Lucy (17) and Alice (15) - so sweet!

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