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    WDYT about Austen?

    Hi all,
    So I have been a massive Jane Austen fan ever since I was a kid, back when my Mum used to read me "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibilities" before bed. So ever since I was a kid, I wanted to name my son Austen. To me, it sounded classic, soft and gentle- just like Jane Austen.
    So when I met and married my husband, I was thrilled that he loved the name Austen too!

    But now that we're preparing to start TTC at the end of the year, we've been looking a bit more into the name. We live in a tiny state in Australia, and the name Austin is totally unheard of here. We have never met anyone with the name, or anyone who knows anyone with the name Austin, or Austen. But now that we've been reading more about the name, we've seen that Austin is a very common name in America and is a more harsh, southern name.

    Is this right about Austin? And what do you think about the spelling Austen? Do you think that changes the connotations around the name at all, or does it just seem like a "kr8tive" name?

    Thanks so much!
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    I have always liked Austin, ever since I found out that is one of my Mum's favourite boys names, but she never got to use it because she only had me . I prefer the spelling Austen as well, I do think it softens it. If you love it, use it! Do not worry about the connotations. If it is rare where you live, then people will not have any negative vibes about the name, and will associate it with your child, so will have a positive association.

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    If you've had your heart set on it for so long then I say you should use it. You love the name and that is as good a reason as any to use it. I love Austin and Austen is a lovely variant with a subtle nob to the wonderful author (I say subtle because I wonder how many will notice).
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    I agree with PP. If you’ve loved the name forever then use it. Plus Jane Austen is famous enough that if you say “after Jane” people won’t think it’s a creative spelling. I’d actually be more concerned about how my son would feel being named after one of the most prolific rom-com writers in history. (My fiancé - actually all my guy friend - roll their eyes when they see my travel copy of P&P which i lug everywhere and have read way too often. Not because it’s the same book all the time but because they don’t love the rom-com genre.

    If you are still worried about Austen but want to honor Jane Austen there are some awesome names in her books that would work for a boy... Frederick, Darcy, John, Bennet, William, Edward, Fitzwilliam, Charles, Wallis, Henry, Russel, Walter, Harry + much more (this is what came to me off the top of my head).
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    I prefer Austin because it is a place name.
    Personally, I just think it may be weird naming a son after Jane Austen, maybe a daughter not a son. This is an issue on it's own because Austen is typically a male name.

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