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    I love your list and think you have some great choices (maybe because 95% of those names are on mine as well!). I think that Vivienne is a good choice for a softer V name. Have you considered Sabina instead of Sabine? Another berry commented that there are a lot of Sophies around, but I am a Sophie and I have only met one other one in my life (and I'm the only other Sophie she knows), having lived in different parts of the US and traveled to Europe fairly often. Sophia is the #1 or #2 ranked female name right now so you hear that very often, but I find them to be completely different names.

    Anyway—what about Camille, Eulalie/Eulalia, Aurora, Genevieve, Layla, Nala, Olivia, Arabella, Mayra, Mirabelle/Mirabella, Nora, Delilah, Madelaine, Noelle, Lorelei? Leonore/Leonora or Leonie instead of Eleanor?

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    Of your 3 favorites (*), does your husband like any? To me that would be the name!!

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    I like Charlotte and Maya off your list. I think they sound good with your boys names also. Could use them together too, Charlotte Maya or Maya Charlotte. Good luck!! I have a C-section scheduled for this Friday!!!

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    I wonder if you like Marcella or Marcelle? It is French and gives your husband the "Elle" Nickname

    Marcella Claire would be nice or Marcella Vivienne.
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