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Thread: MN for Lavinia

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    MN for Lavinia

    I've been crushing on the name Lavinia lately and think it is the perfect name for fun middles. The girly, four syllable first just begs for something unexpected in the middle.

    My favorites:
    Lavinia Tait
    Lavinia Scout

    The thing about Lavinia, though, is that you can make it more classic too. All the family names that I would be choosing from if I had another daughter work with Lavinia.

    My favorites:
    Lavinia Mildred
    Lavinia Maude
    Lavinia Jeannette

    Lavinia even works well if you want to throw in a surname in the middle spot.

    My favorite:
    Lavinia Wilde (my grandmother's maiden name)
    Lavinia Wilder

    I've been having so much fun playing with combos! What would you put in the middle spot with Lavinia?

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    I have always loved Lavinia Mary Here's a few more I love:

    Lavinia Charlotte
    Lavinia Catherine
    Lavinia Kate
    Lavinia Beatrice

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    Love Lavinia Kate. Lavinia Mary has a totally different feel to the Lavinia combos I created. It makes her sound more gentle, less frou-frou.

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