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    I think a lot of your names are nice, especially Aurelia. If you want another idea, I feel like Lucia [loo-see-ah] would fit well with your style; also you had said you like L's and S's.

    I apologize if someone has suggested Lucia already; I haven't read the entire post.
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    I love the suggestion of Marcella as a way to get to "Elle!"

    You have received a lot of great feedback on the names on your original list. Since you are looking for additional ideas, I will just go ahead and list some I can think of...a random mix...will try to avoid repeats...

    Susannah (I thought maybe you would like this because you like Biblical names and you mentioned Hannah -- could call her Zannah)
    Elizabeth (could also get Elle from it)
    Mama to Gabriel James 12.03.12 & Phoebe Clementine 04.26.15

    Adeline Rosemary. Josephine Alice. Felicity Irene. Susannah Margot. Eliza Maeve...

    Sebastian Thomas. Calvin Alexander. Linus Benjamin. August Nathaniel. Arthur Simon...

    For today...

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    Aurelie really like this. How about Aurora nn Rory or Camille
    Charlotte this is quite common now especially Lottie so wouldn't be my pick
    Chloe Claire or Clara. I like these how about Celeste which is a bit more off the radar or I think I prefer Cora and it's long versions Cordelia/Cornelia. What about Cerise or Cecilia/Celia/Cecily.
    Eleanor I'm not fussed on this. Prefer Elodie or Norah
    Emma. Middle?
    Lyra love this and Lara
    Mia cute and short
    Sabine this is nice you seem to like French names how about Adele
    Vivienne love this and Vianne! What about Violet?

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    Thanks for all the additional suggestions.
    Schedz - good luck with the c/s on Friday!
    Sophie - Good to know that you haven't met many Sophies. I know a few kids, though two are 8 and one is 4, so hopefully the popularity is dying down a little. Clearly Sofia is more popular, but definitely different in my mind too - I prefer Sophie. And I'm thinking, would I rather a less popular name that I love less or a popular name that I will be calling my child happily for the rest of her life?

    For all those who prefer Aurelie - I love this version too - but only if pronounced with a French accent - and I know that is just not going to happen realistically. Maybe as a middle if I don't go with Aurelia.

    My husband wants Eleanor partially b/c it was his grandmother's name (or at least, that is where we got it, trying to think of names), even though he was probably closer with his other grandmother, Marjorie. I figured an E name could be fine too - but we really didn't name our other kids after anyone, so this is not essential. But I don't think I'd pick another name just to get the "Elle".

    I have considered Sabina but I have a cousin Sabina so I'm not sure about using it. I love her so it wouldn't be a bad thing . I love Sabine more, but I can see how Sabina is cuter and more user friendly. My husband has a cousin Celeste which would be in our heads if we named her Celeste, although I do like the name too.

    I'm glad to know there are some Aurelias out there! I met one when I was a kid, but none since then. I too wouldn't be so happy with Ray. Maybe she'd be Lia or Aura or maybe people would just use her whole name? Or maybe the middle name would have a better nickname if she really wants a nickname.

    Okay, guess I need to put these to the test w/my hubby! Thanks again!

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