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    Oops sorry mischa just saw your post -

    Aurelia Claire Wood - do you like any other middles with this? I'm having second thoughts about Claire despite it being so pretty, but maybe it is the only option b/c it is simple.

    Eleanor Sabine Wood - I guess it is a good compromise as we'd probably do Elle Sabine Wood after a while? But would I ever call her Sabine if we start of calling her Elle (I only call my first son his middle name (Cole) and never really his first...I worry once you start with something that is it.)

    Freya Sabine Wood - definitely the spunkiest

    Vivienne Clara Wood - most neutral and pretty, but neither of the 2 names are my faves so a compromise in that way

    Charlotte Mila Wood - definitely the sweetest but I just remembered why my husband nixed Charlotte - reminded him of Sex in the City heh. Of course I didn't think of that b/c I was not as avid a viewer - screwy, huh! Hmm...

    Sophie Eleanor Wood - most like the best compromise one name for my husband and one for me? But the most generic of the names?

    Ah more to mull over!

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    Aurelia Claire definitely gets my vote... I just love it!! Aurelia doesn't sound like orally at all and I think most people would pronounce it correctly. I really like the mn Claire.

    Other mn options: Aurelia Sabine, Aurelia Eleanor, Aurelia Salome

    If you like Sabine, but want a nickname (although I don't think it would need one!), you might like Sabrina nn Brina or Salome.

    Other ideas: Felicity, Elsa, Melisande
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    Aurelia Claire, Eleanor Sabine, and Vivienne Claire are all fantastic combinations.

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    I think Aurelia is very lovely, but I too prefer Aurelie. I also really love Sabine. Sophie is darling, but I understand it may be too common for a lot of people.

    If you want a softer "El" name you could try: Eliana, Elise, Elisee, Elodie, Eliette, Emmeline
    Or names that just contain an "el" or "elle" sound: Gisele, Isabelle, Ardelle, Gabrielle, Chantelle, etc.

    Vivienne is darling. Some other softer V names: Vienna, Vienne, Vivianna, Verity, Venice, Viera and Violette

    What about Aurielle? It's got the same feel of Aurelie/Aurelia and it would give your husband the option of "Elle" as a nickname.

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    I love Aurelia, doesn't sound like orally to me, and Sabine. Freya is also very nice.

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