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    Thank you all so much for your responses.

    We did actually consider Freya but then my husband worried he'd stop liking it after a while, and that he only liked it b/c of the song association (it is an awesome song and he's gone to numerous Sword concerts). Maybe we should reconsider.

    I have a niece Amelia, which is too close to Amelie (which is so cute!) and I'd prefer Aurelia over Ariel just b/c I have too may associations with The Little Mermaid . He already shot down Alena too. I think Harper is super cute and have a friend with a daughter Harper, but has the same hard consonants as Eleanor. Then there were a bunch of suggestions that I didn't really like, I'm sorry, but thank you for trying!

    Yeah regarding nicknames - I love Sabine but I don't love "bean" and I can't figure out another nickname. Some names just don't have any I guess? For Aurelia I might pick Lia or Aura - guess I will discuss with my hubby.

    Maybe I should concentrate on combos...

    Aurelia Claire W
    Aurelia Sabine W
    Eleanor Sabine W
    Freya Sabine W
    Vivienne Aurelia W
    Vivienne Claire W
    Vivienne Clara W
    Vivienne Sabine W
    Charlotte Sabine W
    Charlotte Mila W
    Chloe Sabine W
    Mila Sabine W
    Sophie Eleanor W
    Sophie Sabine W
    Sophie Mila W

    I just feel like there is a more perfect name out there I am not thinking of. Argh.

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    Maya -- there is also Amaya which gives it an added oomph. Either way I think this name is just beautiful.
    Mira -- Same thing, also Amira -- which makes it more ethnic sounding, which may or may not appeal to you.
    Juniper -- cute spunky name that would fit right in with the boys.
    Vivienne -- is a beautiful name, especially this spelling where I feel more inclined to draw out the 'enne'.
    Claire / Clara -- A gorgeous classic
    Mia -- just so sweet.
    Freya -- loving this more and more.

    My issue with Aurelie is that it sounds like orally. I only had sisters, but having spent some time around boys I imagine they would pick up on that at some point and raise some hell.

    Eloise / Louise / Louisa

    I completely get where you're coming from about that perfect name being out there. I actually think I found mine, but ultimately I won't know for sure till I see her pretty face.

    Love: Vivienne Claire, Vivienne Sabine, Mila Sabine.

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    I think you may really like Camille, Celeste, Soleil( for a middle ), Aura, and Janvier

    Camille Juniper, Elena Juniper, Juniper Celeste, Elliette Janvier, Eliette Juniper

    Elliette Soleil, Or Juniper Elliette

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    From your original list, I like Aurelia, Charlotte, Claire/Clara, Emma, Sophie and Vivienne the best with James and Joshua. Ok, so if he got to pick both names for James Asher, then isn't it your turn this time?

    From your combos, I narrowed it down to the six below. I think the classic names are better with your sons.

    Aurelia Claire W - Aurelia is beatiful and underused but I worry about how it sounds with your ln. Does your surname begin with an "R" sound (eg Wright) or a "W" sound (eg. White)?
    Eleanor Sabine W
    Freya Sabine W
    Vivienne Clara W
    Charlotte Mila W
    Sophie Eleanor W
    All the best,

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    Thanks for your feedback. Do you think Aurelia with the a at the end also reminds you of orally? I think of orally as or-uh-lee and Aurelia as au-reh-lia so I'm hoping not?

    Amira is pretty but I do like the meaning of Mira, particularly that it can mean ocean and sea, but also wonder and light. Unfortunately, I don't think it sounds that great with our last name, Wood.

    I guess I just have to mull this over a bit more and decide if I'm fine with having a super-popular name b/c I love it or decide if I should go with a crazy rarer name because I love it even though it may be harder to pronounce, or just go for something in between that sounds pretty and may make my husband happier. Hmmm.

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