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    I guess I'm the only one whose mind jumped to Legally Blonde when you said your husband wanted Elle for a nn and that your surname is Wood. (Elle Woods is the protagonist of those books/movies.) Also, much as I love Eleanor, all of the El-/Elle/Ellie names are so popular right now that your daughter would likely become one of the many girls with that name.

    Of your names, I think I get the sense that your favorites are Aurelia and Sabine, and one of my favorites on your list is Freya. I think any combination of those names would be absolutely striking and lovely! I would absolutely love to meet a little girl with any of these names.

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    lisaer - Nope - we are very familiar with Legally Blonde, although this wouldn't be WHY we would pick Elle. I just figured a) most kids being born now may not watch that movie 15 years down the line b) what so bad about a girl having lots of confidence (in her own way) and going to Harvard and Harvard Law School c) our name doesn't have an s at the end if we want to get detailed and d) Elle would be a nickname. You are right - I seem to be leaning towards those 2 names, although I also love Sophie (and a few others that I gave up fighting for). I am still not positive I am hip enough to go with Freya - and Fr is a little strong for me too, but I'm still debating!!

    rkrd - Awesome idea - Elle as a nickname for Aurelia! I think part of my husband's (and family, since I stupidly mentioned it to some of them) issue with the name was lack of good nickname, but this way he can be happy and I can be happy. I don't know any Elles personally - just Eli and Ella.

    jodipenny - I like the pronunciation au reh lia so I don't think I should change the spelling to i - reh should sound like the e in wren for example. Do you think Sophie is still overused? I know 2 8 year olds and a 4 year old Sophie, but no baby Sophies - thought it might be dying off as a popular name. My name is Sarah which in theory was a popular name in my year (and many years), yet I didn't have another Sarah in my grade all through K-12! Go figure! I'm still keeping it in the mix just b/c I like it so much, but I agree that Aurelia would be more interesting!

    chigley - Viv is cute - did you use this even as a baby, or did you do Vivi?

    jenjg82 - Thank you for your wishes!

    mary-la - I like Alize but not Alice (like Alice pronounced with a French accent). Maybe that would be Alise? Alas, we live in the US.

    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and help. I think bouncing my thoughts on the board definitely helps me understand what I like (in terms of my reaction to comments, etc.) and thus it has been extremely helpful. We'll see what the baby looks like and if I can hold my ground post-surgery when I discuss it further with my husband (we've had very little time up until now since I've been stuck in the hospital for 6 weeks on bedrest and he took a medical leave to care for the kids at home, which is not close to the hospital). But he'll be here with me for the surgery and recovery.

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    Well I survived surgery, although I needed 2 bags of blood for transfusions and had a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. The baby is still nameless, but she is pretty healthy, breathing on her own, and is under observation in the NICU. 5lbs 13 oz, 18 in, which for 34 1/2 weeks is pretty big!

    My husband nixed Sophie as he absolutely hates the name (who absolutely hates Sophie???? I can understand thinking it is overused - but hate?).

    So I guess we are left with Aurelia, which he doesn't love but can grow to like maybe. He isn't sure about Sabine for a middle name, although he originally liked the name.. He mentioned Brynn as an option. Kinda cute I guess in terms of being less girly, but less elegant than Sabine (which can also be cute) and I've read people mentioning being called Bryan by accident.

    Aurelia Sabine Wood
    Aurelia Brynn Wood

    Opinions and last minute alternatives? Tiny part of me wonders if I should go for Sabine as 1st name if he is fine with that. I'm so hormonal I see why people pick names BEFORE! I can't believe he vetoed almost everything on my original list, argh!

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    Aurelia Brynn is so cute! I love it! I'd go with that Good luck with your recovery!
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