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    Need a middle name for Devereux/Devereaux

    Really loving Devereux for a baby girl coming very soon. But I can't find middle names that I love with it. Any suggestions?

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    Devereux Vivienne
    Devereux Evangeline
    Devereux Genevieve
    Devereux Josephine
    Devereux Irelyn
    Devereux Everly
    Devereux Alexandra
    Devereux Isadora
    Devereux Ophelia
    Devereux Reece
    Devereux Elowen
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    Thanks for the ideas.
    With a week to go it looks like -

    Devereux Vivian Lee Newton

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    Just a quick point out that might not matter (especially since both are in the middle spot): Vivien Leigh was the name of a very famous silver screen actress, best known for "Gone with the Wind" and "A Streetcar Named Desire". I hope, hope she's still very well known, so that might come up with your combo.

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