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    Cool Uncommon nicknames for common names?

    What are some of your favorite uncommon nicknames for common names?

    Like my actual name is Meredith, but I often go by Mara. (Pronounced Mair-uh)

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    My name is Ashley, and I've toyed around with going by Lise or Lela (both stretches, but I figure if Charlotte can get Lola, then Ashley can get Lela (LEE-lah), and I figure Lise makes enough sense with the "S" in my surname.

    I love the nn Leni (like Lenny) for names like Gwendolen, Madeleine, Eleanor, etc., too--I'm not sure that's terribly unusual, though?
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    Love this prompt, and the NB post that inspired it. I went down the Top 100 and tried to think of some solid, unusual options.

    Sophia: Fia
    Jacob: Coby, Jay, Jace, Obie
    Mason: Sonny, Mace
    Ethan: Thane?
    Isabella: Izzy, Izza, Sabel, Ellis, Abel/Able (not a fan of boy's names on girls, but if you must, make it a nickname)
    Olivia: Liv, Ollie, Iva, Vi
    William: Wim (love), Immy
    Emily: Milly, Mila
    Jayden: Jay (a vast improvement over the original, if you ask me)
    Abigail: Gale (think of a strong wind, not someone's great-aunt), Abe, Ailsa
    Michael: Cale, Mitch, Ike, Iker, Micah
    Mia: Mimi, Mim, Mimosa (possibly more of a college nickname than a nursery nickname...)
    Alexander: Xander, Zane, Lex, Alec, Lexer, Alexei, Anders, Sandor, Sanders, Sandy, Sascha (love this -- I actually know a few male Saschas, and one of them is Alexander on his birth certificate)
    Madison: Addy, Addis, Ada, Dee, Dot (okay, that's a bit of a stretch)
    Elizabeth: Bette, Betsy, Bettina, Beth, Liza, Lizbeth, Lilibet, Lilybird, Elsa, Bea, Ailsa (again), Eilish, Elspeth, Libby, Liberty,
    Chloe: Loie (LOW-ee)
    Anthony: Anton, Tonino (I've heard this one in a few Italian families)
    Benjamin: Jamie, Benji, Ames
    Andrew: Anders, Rue
    Avery: Avis
    David: Avi
    Joseph: Seph
    Charlotte: Carly, Arly, Lottie, Charla
    Addison: Addy, Addis, Issy
    Aubrey: Beardsley?
    Natalie: Talia
    Amelia: Melita, Amelie, Mila, Milly, Lia, Ames
    Christopher: Topher, Christo, Christos, Aristo
    Lillian: Lilette, Lila, Lisette
    Gabriel: Gale (love this)
    Samantha: Amma, Anthe (AN-thee), Amaranth
    Caleb: Cale
    Evelyn: Evie (love), Vinny, Ever
    Victoria: Vika, Victory
    Brooklyn: Rook
    Landon: Lane
    Hailey: Hail, Ailsa (I'm really liking this as a short form of all sorts of names!)
    Jonathan: Jory, Jonnah, Nate
    Kaylee: Kay and Lee (both simpler and more elegant than the original), Leela, Aya, Key
    Brayden: Ray
    Anna: Nan, Nanette
    Gabriella: Abra, Rielle
    Isaiah: Isai
    Savannah: Van, Vance, Avi, Annie, Savvy
    Henry: Huck
    Sara: Sari, Sarai, Sarita, Ari
    Alyssa: Lisette, Izzy
    Evan: Van, Evvy, Ever
    Julian: Jules (LOVE - it's on my list), June, Juni, Juno, Lian (Liam with an 'n'?)
    Arianna: Ana, Ari, Arin, Arina
    Jeremiah: Remy (love!), Miah
    Genesis: Gena, Genie, Nessa, Sissy, even Sistene (what with those religious implications)
    Serenity: Seren (love), Nita, Ren, Reni
    Thomas: Tam and Tavish are equally fabulous
    Scarlett: Carly, Lettie
    Katherine: Katri, Rinna, Cato, Kerry, Kitty (cute!), Kay, Cady, Catrice
    Robert: Robin
    Zachary: Zeke, Zekiah/Zakiah, Cary
    Sebastian: Bastian, Basie
    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by marataylor View Post
    What are some of your favorite uncommon nicknames for common names?

    Like my actual name is Meredith, but I often go by Mara. (Pronounced Mair-uh)
    We sort of did this the other way round and our daughter Leonora gets called Lily and calls herself Lily and Lily-Nora as well as Leo. Another daughter Daphne gets called Dilly short for Daffodowndilly or Daffodil. I am trying to get Phoebe to go by Betsy or Bessie, her middle name is Elizabeth but he campaign is not working and she is mostly Phoebe.
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    I love these ones:
    Imogen nn Momo
    Margot nn Go-Go
    Josephine nn Jean or Jeffie
    Nicolette or Violet nn Lettie
    Now I'm @Waihan !

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