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    Thoughts on my girl names

    I'm really struggling with girl names, please give me your honest opinions on my list. Last name one syllable rhymes with Finn
    Opinion to suggestions, I'm not in love with any of these

    Geneva (name of park my husband and I were engaged/first kiss)
    Marlowe (nn Lolo?)

    I'm trying to avoid names ending in ee sound.
    Boy name for this baby would be Augustus Clark

    Big sister: Annslee (Ansley) named after 3 sets of grandparents with middle names Ann and Lee

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    My pick would be Lola-but I just adore that name!
    current favorite names:



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    Arden - Cute, but not my favorite.
    Matilda - Again, not one of my favorites. Although if you were to use it you could use the more trendy nn Mattie/Matti/Matty
    Gretchen - Don't like it! Sorry, I just don't like the sounds.
    Geneva - Beautiful! Also I think I know where that park is haha.
    Marlowe "Lolo"- Love it! Another way to get to the nn Lolo is Lauren.
    Lola - my favorite on your list! It's precious!
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    Arden - Sounds masculine to me.
    Matilda - One of my favorites! I absolutely adore this name!
    Gretchen - I love a lot of names that mean pearl but Gretchen isn't one. I've tried to figure out why I can't get myself to like it. The wretch sound could be why.
    Geneva - Not bad. I prefer Genève though nn Neve
    Marlowe (nn Lolo) - Love Marlowe, without any nicknames. From where I come from Lolo means grandpa or old man.
    Lola - It's okay, but in my country it means old lady or grandma (much like Lolo)
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    The only one I really like with Annslee is Marlowe. Lola is also cute.
    The others seem mismatched, since they're very classic while Annslee seems quite trendy due to the -lee, -ley and -leigh endings that can be found everywhere atm (even though Ansley is an established name).
    Marlowe is definitely not popular but has a modern vibe as well, to me it'S the perfect match.
    Good Luck!

    Alice Henrietta & Margot Lavinia

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