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Thread: Sula?

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    I love the sweet simplicity of this name. I was playing this name over in my mind and then went to look it up and two big things popped up (aside from that it's a place name, surprise!):

    Toni Morrison's novel of the same name -- I have no idea how strong this connection is (as in, will people say "oh like the Toni Morrison character?" often or not), but when the name is googled this novel always pops up and for those of us familiar with Toni Morrison's work, it might not be the best connection…. I haven't read this one, but always feel somewhat traumatized after reading anything by the without a doubt talented author, haha.

    It's a nickname for Ursula. This did not occur to me, and my boyfriend's ex is named Ursula. It didn't occur to him either. She's a really nice girl, but do you think this takes it off the table? Would it for you?

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    I love the sound of Sula because it's similar to my favorite, Zula. I don't think the ex gf takes it off the table. Unless she was using the nickname (which, it doesn't sound like she did.) If either of the worries you listed turn out to be a deal breaker, you might consider Zula instead. It's a diminutive of the Polish Zuzanna.

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    Sula is actually very gorgeous! You should not take Sula or Ursula off the table; both are beautiful names!!!
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    The first thing that I thought of when I saw this name was the Irish word for eyes which sounds similar.

    I've never actually heard of the name Sula. It never even occured to me as a nickname for Ursula.. an ex-girlfriend named Ursula wouldn't bother me if I wanted to use Sula, unless it's something she often goes by.

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    She doesn't go by Sula, ever. She goes by Ursula -- I actually never thought of there being a nickname for Ursula. And sometimes is jokingly called Ursa (bear). I also pronounce Ursula as Er-sull-uh rather than Er-soo-luh. Sula I pronounce Soo-luh.

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