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    MN for Amaryllis

    I have recently fallen in love with the name Amaryllis (nm Amaris, Lissy). However, I would really like some help with middles I really like colonial names (but not too classical), there could also be a link with Greek Mythology and the name can be "original" and a bit less known. I don't mind whether there are one or two MN.

    Thank you for your help, fellow berries! )

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    With the rare flower name of Amaryllis, I would choose something a little more mainstream (and shorter)for the middle name. I don't think another word name would be advisable.

    Amaryllis Phoebe
    Amaryllis Eve - a word that's not too bad
    Amaryllis Maeve
    Amaryllis Clara
    Amaryllis Colette
    Amaryllis Maia
    Amaryllis Phaedra
    Amaryllis Niamh
    Amaryllis Daphne
    Amaryllis Petra
    Amaryllis Thea
    Amaryllis Gwen
    Amaryllis Yvonne
    Amaryllis Jane
    All the best,

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    Ditto Mischa, I would use a mainstream more classic middle middle name to pair with Amaryllis. Gives the kid more flexibility in case they don't like their first name, they can always go by their middle name.

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    amaryllis aanora
    amaryllis celine
    amaryllis kaiya/kaija
    amaryllis Isla/Ayla (I-lah)
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