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    A same-race gay couple (Roman Collins-King & Felix Collins-King)

    Adopted girl from Mexico
    Stella Charlotte
    Age: 17
    She has a boyfriend who’s abusive and feels like she can’t tell or break up with him.

    Adopted boy from America
    Spencer Jonah
    Age: 15
    He is being cyberbullied by a classmate because of his parents.

    Biological girl/girl twins from Felix’s past marriage
    Zoe Valentina & Nina Gabriella
    Age: 7
    Their friends ditch them for a new kid, who is rich.

    Grandparents 1:
    They are not accepting of the marriage, but they deal with it for the kids.
    The kids call them Grandmom and Granddad.
    They do not get along with the other grandparents.
    Ruth & Walter Collins

    Grandparents 2:
    They are accepting of the marriage.
    The kids call them Grammy Sophia & Grampy Richard.
    They do not get along with the other grandparents.
    Sophia King & Richard King

    There are no aunts/uncles/cousins.

    They have four dogs:
    A golden retriever (Arbor)
    A boxer (Jazz)
    A pug (Huckleberry)
    A German shepherd (Rock)
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Parents: Oscar Malachi and Theo Miles Coleman-Hughes

    First child: Ezra Beckett, biological boy from Oscar's previous relationship.
    Age: 16
    What drama occurs to them?
    - He is a very talented dancer, but is pathologically insecure to the point of being aggressive. He had some fights at his former school, is frustrated and does not want to dance any more, because his love for dancing was always laughed at in the past. After he changed schools, he decided to give up dancing and grew to be the "cool guy", a leader of the class. He became quite reckless and his relationship to his adopted sister, Eliza, worsened.

    Second Child: adopted girl from Albania, Eliza Frances (she changed her name from Elira, as she thought it will be easier in her new home, her middle name is after Theo's mom, Frances)

    Age: 15
    What drama occurs to them?
    - She is being pressured to grow up too quickly by her friends, to drink, party... she wants to be as popular as Ezra, but worries she is not good enough and therefore succumbs fast to peer pressure.

    Third child: biological girl/girl twins, from Oscar's former relationship, Ezra's biological sisters named Maeve Audrey and Bridget Greer.
    Age: 10
    What drama occurs?
    - They are both very likeable, popular children, in fact, after an election at their school, they were both elected into a student council. It made them more responsible but also self-conscious, as they have now some kind of important function.


    Grandparents 1: (Oscar's parents, more old-fashioned) Agnes Vivian and Frederick Humphrey Hughes. They still can't get over their son's new same sex marriage. They think he made a mistake, that he is just confused and think that Theo, who was openly gay his whole life, somehow persuaded Oscar to marry him. They are both very socially-conscious, popular, outgoing people from "better" society. They support their grandchildren tremendously, in fact, spoiling them quite obviously except Eliza, who is not considered their "real" granddaughter, as she was adopted during Oscar and Theo's marriage. Ezra, Maeve and Bridget call them Grandma and Grandpa, Eliza calls them Mr. and Mrs. Hughes. They do not go along with Ms. Coleman.

    Grandparents 2: (only one, Ms. Frances Louisa Coleman, there was never a Mr. Coleman). She accepts her son absolutely. She brought him up almost by herself, as the real father was never in picture. Her long time partner, Francis, was the father figure for little Theo, but he sadly passed away when Theo was about 12. Ms. Coleman is what one would consider a "hip" grandma, she loves all her grandchildren. She is a peculiar woman, but very kind, hilarious and popular in her circles, which are, needles to say, totally different from the Hughes'. She is called Frankie by her grandchildren.

    Aunts/Uncles : Oscar's sisters, twins, called Ruth Katherine and Florence Lucy. Both married. Ruth to a man called Roman Jasper Cormick and Florence to Owen Maxwell Styles.

    Ruth Katherine and Roman Jasper Cormick have:
    Skye Jasmine, 15
    Chase Wyatt, 13
    Willow Rosie, 10

    Florence Lucy and Owen Maxwell Styles have:
    Sebastian Humphrey, 18
    Emilia Juliet, 17
    Rosalind Tamora, 15
    Margery Viola, 12
    Edmund Horatio, 2

    State all of the family member’s names here:
    Agnes and Frederick Hughes have three children: Oscar (41), Ruth (38) and Florence (38).
    Frances Coleman has one son: Theo (35)
    Oscar and Theo Coleman-Hughes with: Ezra (16), Eliza (15, adopted at 11), Maeve (10) and Bridget (10).
    Ruth and Roman Cormick with: Skye (15), Chase (13) and Willow (10)
    Florence and Owen Styles with: Sebastian (18), Emilia (17), Rosalind (15), Margery (12) and Edmund (2)

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    The Hayes Family
    1. A multiracial straight couple (African-American and Caucasian)
    The mother is Diana Eleanor Hayes, born Barnes, she is African-American and 42 years old.
    The father is Caleb Emmanuel Hayes, he is Caucasian and 42 years old.

    First child(ren):
    3. Biological boy (if straight couple or from past marriage)
    Emmett Blake Hayes

    Age: 17
    What drama occurs to them? (Select one or more)
    1. His girlfriend, Grace Irene Hillman, had a teenage pregnancy. Diana and Caleb were upset that he made such a big mistake, but helped him out. Grace’s conservative parents kicked her out of the house when they found out she was pregnant and she moved in with the Hayes’. She gave birth to a baby girl named Eleanor June Hillman-Hayes. Grace and Emmett decided to keep Eleanor, who lives with the rest of the family in the Hayes house. Emmett plans on proposing to Grace soon.

    Second Child:
    1. Adopted girl from China
    Arden Isabel Hayes
    Age: 15
    What drama occurs to them? (Choose one or more)
    2. She is being cyberbullied by her ex-best friend Melody Chapman. She writes mean things on her Facebook page and made a page about how much she hates Arden. Arden eventually tells Diana and Caleb, and they have a meeting in the principal’s office with Melody and her parents. Arden originally wanted to press charges, but decided not to when she found out about an art competition. She loves art, and decided she just wants things to be normal again.

    Third child:
    1. Adopted boy/girl twins from India
    Zoe Adira Hayes and Aidan Amedeo Hayes
    Age: 10
    What drama occurs? (Choose one or more for each)
    2. Zoe’s friends ditch her for a new kid, Trinity Tavalo. Everyone likes her because she is rich, and has cool clothes. Her friends find out that Trinity was just pretending to be rich and just got hand-me-down clothes from her cousin, who’s very fashionable. Nobody likes Trinity now, and they try to become friends with Zoe again, but Zoe doesn’t want to, and ends up becoming friends with Trinity, who she realizes just wanted to fit in.
    5. There’s a school shooting at their school. Aidan is very shaken about it because his best friend David was shot. Eventually he has therapy and feels a little bit better. What helps more is that David gets better.
    Grandparents 1:
    Grandmother Myrtle Prudence and Grandpa Frank Eugene Hayes aren’t too sure about their son marrying a Black woman, but they eventually like her. They don’t really like Grammy and Pops, and they are kind of strict with the children, but they love them, even though they at first didn’t really know if Arden, Zoe and Aidan were their *Real* grandchildren. They realize that even if they aren’t Caleb and Diana’s birth children, they’re really their grandchildren.

    Grandparents 2: (the “Hipper” grandparents) Do they accept their child being married to a person of the same sex/ different race? If so, do they get over it? What are they like? What do they look like? What are they called by parents/grandchildren (for example, they’re called Ma and Dad, or Mom and Pop by parents, and Grammy and Gramps or Granny and Grandpa by grandchildren) Do they get along with the other grandparents?
    Grammy Elizabeth Alice and Pops Charles Edgar Barnes are African-American and were open with their daughter Diana’s marriage with Caleb. They don’t get along too well with conservative Myrtle and Frank, but love their grandchildren. They are pretty carefree about their children, 42 year old Diana, 45 year old Emma, 47 year old Henry and 49 year old Julia.

    Aunts/Uncles : Diana is the youngest of four children, with only one boy. The oldest, Julia Katherine Woo, is married to Xavier Woo. The only brother Diana has, Henry Ezekiel, is married to African-American Helen Grace, who is 47 like him. 45 year old Emma Irene is single, and travels to poor countries to teach children there, but has adopted a two-year-old daughter from Ethiopia.
    Caleb has one 40 year old younger sister named Rachel Sophia. She married a Caucasian man named Jeffery Alan Lin.

    Cousins: Do any of the aunts or uncles have children? What are they like? How old are they? What is their story? What do they look like? Are they friends with their cousins?
    Julia and Xavier’s three children are biracial like the Hayes kids, except they are African-American-Chinese. They are: sixteen year old Miles Rhett, fourteen year old Ryder Shane, and thirteen year old Britney Jade.
    Henry and Helen have a son named Finn Jackson, 15, and a daughter named Bianca Cordelia, 13.
    Emma adopted a two year old daughter from Ethiopia named Emilia Juliet.
    Rachel and Jeffery have two sons, Sebastian Valentine, 13, and Chase Hunter, 10. They also have a three year old girl named Ariel Diamond.

    They have a Siberian Husky named Banjo and a Ragamuffin cat named Blossom

    State all of the family member’s names here:
    Diana, Caleb, Emmett, Arden, Zoe, Aidan, Myrtle, Frank, Elizabeth, Charles, Julia, Xavier, Henry, Helen, Emma, Rachel, Jeffery, Miles, Ryder, Finn, Bianca, Emilia, Sebastian, Chase, Ariel, Banjo and Blossom
    I have no kids, too young, but I love baby names!

    Girls: Anais, Anya, Annelise, Imogen, Zoe, Niamh, Ella, Marija, Grace, Jensen, Love, Electra, Xanthene, Poem, Agatha, Amoret, India

    Boys: George, Alexander, Peter, Mordecai, Sawyer, Isaac, Kai, Xavier, Julian, Everest

    Ella Grace
    George Alexander
    Niamh Grace
    Mordecai Peter
    Electra Love
    Anais Xanthene
    India Amoret
    Everest Kai

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    A multiracial straight couple.
    DW: Martha Lucy Walker nn Allen
    DH: August Theo Walker

    DC1: Dead Relative’s boy: Gavin Charles
    Age: 17
    Drama: Teenage pregnancy. He got his girlfriend, Chloe Elizabeth Beckett pregnant. She broke up with him and gave the baby away for an adoption. The baby was a little girl named Aria Chloe.

    DC2: Adopted girl from Canada: Eliza Tess
    Age: 14
    Drama: She is friends with a weird boy named Freddie. He’s gay and so people are mean to him. Eliza sticks by her friend and listens to no one.

    DC3: Biological g/g twins: Bree Gabriella and Maeve Valerie
    Age: 9
    Bree’s Drama: Her best friend, Violet Cassia Duncan moves away. She moves to Australia because of her Dad’s business. Bree becomes friends with Maeve’s friends.
    Maeve’s Drama: Her friends ditch her for Bree. Maeve doesn’t like hanging out with Bree all day every day, despite the fact that she loves her sister. Eventually, she decides it’s sort of fun, and her and Bree become even closer.

    Martha's parents died when she was little - so she is an orphan and lived in an orphanage from the age of 8. August's parents never approved of him marrying Martha, but once they had kids, they came around. August is an only child. Martha had an older sister, Louisa, but Louisa was Gavin's mother, and she died in a car accident.

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    DH: Samuel Isaiah Barnes (Caucasian)
    DH: Jacob Henry Morgan (Caucasian)

    DS: Landon Bruno Barnes-Morgan [17; adopted from Germany at age 2 months]
    -Their son Landon wasn't always their son. When Landon was adopted, he was a she. When he was 11 they realized that Landon was different, and at age 12 he came out as transgender to his parents. (When he was adopted, his name was originally Lydia Noelle Barnes-Morgan). He has faced a lot of struggles, from bullies to his own self confidence. But when he met his now girlfriend Aurora Faith Davis, things looked brighter. She knows Landon is biologically female, but accepts him for who he is.

    DD: Maisie Alexa Barnes-Morgan [15; adopted at age 3 months]
    When Landon was 2, the adoption agency in Germany contacted us again saying that Landon's birth mother had just given birth to a daughter, who was then up for adoption. Soon after that, she became theirs. As of late, Maisie has been going through a lot. One girl from her school, Daisy Piper Milligan, and her brother, Auden James Milligan, have been cyberbullying her. Auden is the same age as Landon, and has been making fun of Maisie, calling her a "fag" or "dyke" or telling her that's it's her turn to turn into a freak like her brother. Daisy sends Maisie messages calling her "ugly" or a "whore". This has really been bugging Maisie, and if it doesn't stop soon, she may become depressed.

    DS/DS: Elias Gabriel Barnes-Morgan & Andrew Barrett Barnes-Morgan [9; adopted at age 2 from Venezuela]
    Eli: He starts to become curious about his birth parents. His adoptive parents decide that it is a good idea for him to know more about his family and culture. He finds out that his parents have 6 more children that they take care of. It makes him kind of sad that his parents didn't keep him, but he loves his fathers and his older siblings. (His siblings in Venezuela are: Lorena [15], Nuria [13], Alejandro [11], Estela [6], Felicity [3], and Juan-Pablo [1]; Lorie, Nuria, Alejandro, Stela, Felicity, & JP).

    Drew: His hamster, who he had since he was 4, named Skittles, died. He was hurt, and it takes him a long time to get over it. Eventually, his fathers start getting him involved in soccer to get his mind off of it, and Drew fell in love. Soccer is his new passion.

    Grandparents 1: (Sam's parents). They are very old fashioned. They didn't accept Sam's marriage to Jake at first, but they eventually warmed up to it, and love their son (and son-in-law) more than anything. Sam calls his father Pa, and his mother Mom. The grandchildren call them Papa Lou and Mama Ruth (Said like paw-paw and maw-maw). They get along wonderfully with Jake's parents.
    Grandma: Ruth Cordelia Barnes
    Grandpa: Louis Edwin Barns

    Grandparents 2: (Jake's parents). They are so supportive of Jake. Since he came out at age 13, they have done nothing but support him. They absolutely adore their son-in-law Sam. They knew Sam and Jake were dating before anyone else, and they have always loved the two of them together. Jake calls his parents "Ma" and "Pa". The grandchildren call them Grandma Judy and Grandpa Phil. They get along with Ruth and Louis perfectly.
    Grandma: Judith Augusta Morgan
    Grandpa: Phillip John Morgan

    Jake has 1 sister:
    DW: Sophia Rose Johnson (nee Morgan)
    -DH: Ezekiel Oliver Johnson
    --DS: Blaise Sebastian Morgan [5]
    --DD: Beatrice Audrey Morgan [2]

    Sam has 2 brothers:
    DH: Tristan Isaac Barnes
    -DW: Rachel Diana Barnes (nee Jones)
    --DS: Finn Jackson Barnes [3]
    --DS: Hunter Levi Barnes [1]

    DH: Caleb Jeremiah Barnes
    -DW: Eleanor Charlotte Barnes (nee Hayes)
    --DD: Emilia Rosalind Barnes [2]

    Sam & Jake share a pug named Lyric (f).
    Landon has a turtle named Pike.
    Maisie has a kitten she named Sonata.
    Eli & Drew share a Husky pup named Huckleberry.

    Papa Lou & Mama Ruth
    Grandpa Phil & Grandma Judy

    Sam & Jake
    -Landon (Pike)
    -Maisie (Sonata)
    -Eli / Drew (Huck)

    Aunt Sophia & Uncle Zeke

    Uncle Tristan & Aunt Rachel

    Uncle Caleb & Aunt Ellie
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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