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    Too Close for Twins?

    I just recently discovered the name Calanthe and I've fallen head over heels for it! But then today I discovered Diantha and I think I might love it just as much. I'm always on the look out for twin names since twins run in my family and I really hope to have twins some day. Are Calanthe and Diantha too close in sound and meaning ( Calanthe = beautiful flower and Diantha = divine or heavenly flower) for twins? I definitely don't want to repeat the calamity that are the twins' names in my family, i.e. Velma Kay and Thelma Gay as well as Sheron Kay and Karen Fay. :P Thoughts?

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    It's not nearly as bad as the other twin pairs from your family.
    But they're still way too close for my liking.
    Individually both names are gorgeous. (:

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    Yes, I do think they're too close for siblings (twins or otherwise). I think I prefer Calanthe myself if I had to choose. I like the pronunciation "kuh-LAN-thee" and the nature association (orchids are mysteriously beautiful). While legit, Diantha almost looks more like a smoosh of two names.
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    I was afraid of that. :/ Calanthe is still my favorite too I think. That's how I pronounce it as well, mischa. If only I could find the perfect twin name for Calanthe! I can't get my husband on board with Azalea, which I think would be perfect.

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    what about Calanthe and Zahara? or Calanthe and Astrid?

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