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  • Victor Ephraim Elias

    13 35.14%
  • Victor Edric Ulysses

    6 16.22%
  • Victor Ulysses Gale

    21 56.76%
  • Victor Peregrin Rupert

    10 27.03%
  • Victor Bartleby Roux

    5 13.51%
  • Other (leave comment)

    1 2.70%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Victor combos... again!

    Which Victor combo do you prefer? (See poll above)

    Explanations for the names:

    Victor - The name of a wonderful man who is no longer with us. It just so happens that both myself and DH love the name too, so in my eyes this is the perfect first name.

    Ephraim - The only name that consistently tops BOTH mine and DH's name list. (others drop in and out) We may want to save this for a potential second son.

    Elias - My 4x Great Grandfather. Of course I never met him, but I like the idea of keeping names in the family. Also the middle name of Walt Disney, of whom we are HUGE fans.

    Ulysses - DH's favourite GP name. In the last year he has managed to convince me to love it too! Though I dislike the lack of nicknames

    Gale - Inspired by Gale from Hunger Games but not specifically named after him, I just like the way it sounds. DH is unconvinced, he thinks it is a girls name only.

    Edric - I simply adore this name, and it is very close to my grandfather's name (Eric). DH neither loves nor hates it.

    Rupert - Another name I just adore. Roo/Rue is my all-time favourite nickname. Again DH neither loves nor hates it.

    Roux - In my opinion, the best version of Roo.

    Peregrin - We are both huge LOTR nerds and this is our all-time favourite Tolkien name. (Honourable mentions to Samwise and Meriadoc). I would love a little Pippin

    Bartleby - GP for both myself, and DH. We have never read the Herman Melville story but still we just can't get this name out of our heads.
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    Victor Ulysses Gale stands out for me!
    All the best,

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    I voted for Victor Ephraim Elias and Victor Ulysses Gale. I prefer Victor Gale Ulysses though. If you are serious about having a second child, then I think it's fine to save a name (Ephraim - which I love too and is part of my family tree), but otherwise, I wouldn't save it. There will be other boys names you like, and what if you save the name, then never have another child, or only have daughters?

    Ephraim - I prefer Efraim. There is also Efrem. But Efraim is amazing and perfect. Ephraim was my ancestor's name.

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    Victor Ulysses Gale topped the last Victor poll I did, this was several months ago and there were other options than the ones given now.

    I do love it, but somehow it's just doesn't feel 100% right to me. I'm really not sure why. Also DH LOVES Ulysses but isn't convinced of Gale. He thinks it should be a female name only.

    I actually hadn't even considered Victor Gale Ulysses! Thanks for that suggestion, I will keep it in mind!

    I do think Victor Ephraim Elias is my favourite, but DH is sad about losing Ulysses and part of me wants to save Ephraim for a possible second. Though no guarantee we would actually have two sons of course!

    I should mention I am getting ahead of myself here, we are not TTC right now... but it's hopefully not too far off.
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    Of the names you listed, I like Victor Ephraim Elias the best. I also voted other because if you guys both love Ephraim so much, maybe you would want to save it. Other combos I like are Victor Peregrin Elias or Victor Elias Bartleby.

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