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Thread: WDYT of June?

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    dramagrl19 Guest

    WDYT of June?

    Hi berries Lately, I've been pondering the name June. What is your opinion on the name? Do you find it dated? Thank you

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    I prefer Juniper, but there's nothing wrong with June.

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    I prefer Juniper, With Junie or June as a nickname. June I prefer in the middle spot if I were to use it.
    Objectively, I feel like June is ready for a comeback. I get the same vibe from June as I get from Ruth, Evelyn, and Jane.
    June is certainly usable as a first name.
    June Aurora, June Oriana, June Ariadne, June Alessia, and June Felicity would be some combo options.

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    love June--think it's back "in"--no longer dated at all. have a dear friend with an adorable 8 month old June.

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    I think it's cute, and I adore it for a middle name. It does feel a little short, and I tend to like Junia and Juno a tad better.
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