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Thread: Eye- names.

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    Eye- names.

    Yeah, there's lots of names that just start with an I. And I have a few I like. Most of them are a short i or an ee- sound though.

    Can anyone help me find more EYE-names with a long I sound? I've got:

    Ivy - I love it, but the -y ending is not great with our surname.
    Iris - I like it, and the mythology connection, but it's a bit old lady, and my husband is not convinced. Are there variations that keep the long I?
    Ida - Husband: "nooooooo!"
    Ayla and Isla - I love the meaning of Ayla but Isla is more familiar here. Isla is also Top 20 here. Husband finds Isla too reminiscent of Isla Fisher and also claims to know too many to truly love it, but it's "okay" he says.
    Irene - I think the "eye-REEN" pronunciation gets the least love on Nameberry but I like it. I wouldn't mind an -a or -ee sound ending but I'd like to keep the long I.

    Anymore? Just, please, not Eileen!

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    renrose Guest
    I'm also a fan of the 'eye' sound. Aira (EYE-ra) is my favourite of course. Finnish and means 'messenger'. And just yesterday I realised that Sapphira 'saff-EYE-ra' also has the 'eye' sound. So:

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    What about Isis? Very similar to Iris, also has mythology connections (Egyptian), and may seem less old lady.
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    That's quite pretty, renrose, thanks.

    I've fixated on just the LETTER I for a long, long time but I realized yesterday that when it's a short i, as cute as they are, I lose some of the feel.

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    Oh, aurra, I love the idea of Isis, but I can't get him to agree to it. Closest I can come is Isidora or Isidra ("gift of Isis"). Good style though.

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