View Poll Results: Is the name Merritt better suited for a girl or a boy, or equally suited for both?

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  • Merritt is better suited for a girl

    14 36.84%
  • Merritt is better suited for a boy

    13 34.21%
  • Merritt works well for both boys & girls

    11 28.95%
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    Better for a Girl or a Boy?

    Is the name Merritt better suited for a girl or a boy, or does it sound equally good for both... & what do you think of it?

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    Merit (spelt this way) is an ancient Egyptian girl's name. So girl for me. It's one of my favourites. I don't like the surname spelling though and don't see any point in using it when a legitimate first name spelling already exists.

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    I love the sound of Merit/Merritt/Marit/Meret. The spelling makes the difference for me. Merritt looks more masculine but the actual meaning is genderless. Merit is a word/virtue so it's unisex. Marit is feminine (had a classmate with this name). The Egyptian goddess is Meret

    ETA: To answer the question, I prefer Merritt on a boy

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    I voted boy... but I'm not really fond of the name. Merrick, sure, or even Merit (though it's a vague vurtue), but I'm not really feeling it with Merritt.

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    I voted girl, because I know of a little girl named Merritt. Merritt has the same sound as Mary, Marilyn, and Maris so to me, the sound is just feminine.
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