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    Nns for Cordelia?

    Baby girl Cordelia will be joining her sisters Adelina and Vivienne soon! I love the combo Adelina, Vivienne, and Cordelia. However, we call the girls Addie and Vivi half the time so we want a nn for Cordelia as well. I don't like Cordie or Delia. I really like Ella, but just wanted to see other ideas.
    So, what do u think about Addie, Vivi, and Ella?
    What other suggestions do u have?

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    My dd is Cordelia. I don't really nickname but my family does. We call her Cia (Kia) for short. And then CiaBeth, CiaFleur (from her middles) sometimes too.

    I call her Cordiva a lot of the time (which she hates but if the shoe fits...) lol

    She is quick to instruct everyone that "my name is Cor-dee-ya!!" (She is almost 4).

    My son used to sound like he was saying "ca-dee-a" when she was first born (he was 2.5) and if his nn wasn't D, I think dee would have evolved for her from that.

    I love Cordelia's name and we always get compliments. Great choice!
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    Cordelia is a great choice! We call ours Cordy and DeeDee but that is rather close to Vivi. I've heard Coco, Lia and Della as nn for Cordelia. I also like Cora. Good luck choosing

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    I like Cora and Delia for Cordelia.
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    Cici (perhaps too close to vivi)

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