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    mn help

    We have first names picked out, but aren't sure about the middle names. Our first names choices are Tatiana, Seraphina, Anastasia, and Kyleigha. We are considering Anastasia Marie, Seraphina Arianna, Tatiana Lynn, and Kyleigha Faith. Any opinions or suggestions on them? Lynn and Marie are so common, but we're drawing blanks.

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    I think Noelle goes well with Anastasia, Seraphina and Tatiana. I really don't care for Kyleigha (sorry) so how about Leigh as a middle? Tatiana Leigh is esp. nice.
    If you really like Kyleigha I would go with Anastasia Kyleigha. It's a mouthful but its okay IMO.

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    Noelle is nice, but a lot of our friends have used it. We like the suggestion of Leigh, but it has been used a lot in my family so that makes us hesitant about it. We're debating at this point about taking Kyleigha off the list. No matter how much time we spend on it we just seem to be stuck when it comes to the middle names so any suggestions are appreciated.

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