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    Everly - I surprisingly like this a lot. It's not really my style but very pretty. I've also seen it spelled Everleigh.

    Mila - I really like this as well. However, I prefer Myla. It is said differently (MY-la) instead of MEE-la), but it has more of the 'y' sounding names u seem to like.

    Remy- this one is probably my least favorite, but I don't hate it either.

    Emery- this does kind of remind me of an emery board, but it is very pretty. I prefer Everly (very similar). What about Amerie instead? Pronunciation is a bit different, but basically the same.

    Brynn- I know a little girl named Bryn, and I quite like it. She has a little sister named Marin so IDK if you'd like that.

    Other names you might like:
    Callisa (Calli)
    Riya (pro. Riy-uh, not Ree-ah)

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    Camille- This could possibly be usable to us, but he would want it Camila.
    Brielle- is the name of a little girl that is very close to me, so I don't think I could use it, but it is beautiful.
    Reese/Rhys/Reece- His grandfather's name was Reece, but his little cousin's name is Kaden Reece to honor him. I still think we could use it, but he doesn't.
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    Is this an all girls list?

    Everly - Adorable! I like the nickame Ev and Evy
    Mila - Sweet! Such a darling name, maybe an uncommon nickname for Amelia?
    Remy - I really like this but I'm pretty biased about this name because of Olivia Wilde's character on House, M.D.
    Emery - Not bad.
    Brynn - I prefer the the single N spelling

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    Romy has an association with Romney? I didn't make that connection....if that's the only thing that's putting you off, I wouldn't be too concerned. Even though it's a few letters off, the pronunciation makes them very different (roam-ee versus rahm-nee). I personally love Romy, and the potential association wouldn't bother me, though I didn't realize there was one beforehand. I'm glad you like Keira, Cora & Esme though!
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    @namenthusiast Yes it is, but I'm always open to boy suggestions, I don't care haha! Of your names, we could use Laila (this spelling), Natalie, Greer, and maybe Harper. I personally ADORE Dolly, but it's another one that my boyfriend would laugh at if I suggested it. Also, we'd probably use Hadley for our girl name if my boyfriend's name wasn't Bradley. Bradley and Hadley are absolutely too close together.

    bibliophile, I was saying Romy wrong apparently! I was saying it Rah-my, but It still looks like Romney to me. It isn't a BAD association and I'm not sure if anyone else would associate the two names, but I do. And I just don't think I can shake it.
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